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Dole Whip At Hollywood Studios | Why You Won't Find It Here!

Dole Whip is one of the most popular treats in all of Walt Disney World, but it's noticeably and weirdly absent from Hollywood Studios. 

In this Hollywood Studios Dole Whip Guide, we'll dive into the reasons why Dole Whip might not be available at Hollywood Studios, as well as some insight as to when the treat may be finally appearing at the park!

Questions We'll Answer About Dole Whip At Hollywood Studios:

  • Is Dole Whip Available At Hollywood Studios?
  • Why Isn't Dole Whip Sold At Hollywood Studios?


Dole Whip Float

Is Dole Whip Available At Hollywood Studios?

Dole Whip is sold at every Walt Disney World theme park... except for Hollywood Studios! 

During certain times of the year, you may not be able to find Dole Whip at EPCOT, however, most of the year it will be served at rotating locations as part of the many different seasonal festivals.

While you can even find Dole Whip at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, you aren't going to be able to find Dole Whip at Hollywood Studios!

If you're looking for the classic Pineapple Dole Whip then Hollywood Studios isn't the place, but from time to time the park has had other Dole Whip flavors like Mango or Strawberry.

It's been quite some years since Dole Whip was ever available at Hollywood Studios, but as soon as Dole Whip appears at Hollywood Studios we'll be sure to update this guide! 

So this begs the question... why is Dole Whip available at every Disney theme park except for Hollywood Studios? 

Dole Whip Treat Options

Why Isn't Dole Whip Sold At Hollywood Studios?

We can't speak for Disney as to exactly why Dole Whip isn't available at Hollywood Studios, but we do have some pretty good ideas and insight as to why the treat hasn't appeared at Hollywood Studios. 

The first and most likely reason for not having Dole Whip at Hollywood Studios is to entice guests to visit other parks for the treat.

While it's unlikely you'll skip Hollywood Studios for not having Dole Whip, it's likely that if you're a fan of the sweet treat you'll head to another park after visiting Hollywood Studios to buy it.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds... people LOVE Dole Whip and will certainly go out of their way for a cup of their favorite soft serve. 

Three Dole Whips

This extends the amount of time you'll spend at Disney on a single day, or the length of your trip - this means you'll likely spend more money at Disney rather than leave the property to visit Universal or another attraction. 

The longer Disney can keep you on their property, the better! 

The second, but less likely reason for not selling Dole Whip at Hollywood Studios may have to do with a business agreement.

Again, we don't know for sure, but Disney may have a special agreement with Dole Foods to only sell Dole Whip alongside certain other products to maintain a certain brand image or exclusivity. The current food and beverage offerings may prevent Disney from being about to honor this agreement at Hollywood Studios! 

There are certain foods or beverages in which Disney isn't allowed to sell Dole Whip at the same location. 

This is similar to Butterbeer at Universal Studios, which isn't allowed to leave The Wizarding World of Harry Potter due to a rumored creative agreement with Warner Brothers. 

While we think this is an unlikely reason Disney isn't selling Dole Whip at Hollywood Studios, it certainly is a possibility! 

Because it's been so long since Hollywood Studios sold Dole Whip, we don't expect the treat to be served at the park anytime soon. Disney has had plenty of time to start selling Dole Whip here, but we suspect there is a strategic reason as to why they've held out on doing so!



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