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Does Universal Close Early For Halloween Horror Nights? | 2023 Status

Halloween Horror Nights is an incredible event, but guests who aren't interested in attending will find different park operating hours than normal which may be a bit challegning to deal with.

Our Halloween Horror Nights Guide will walk you through everything you should prepare for when it comes to early park closures at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood during the event!

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Nights:

  • Does Universal Studios Florida Close Early For Halloween Horror Nights?
  • Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close Early For Halloween Horror Nights?

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Does Universal Studios Florida Close Early For Halloween Horror Nights?

On Halloween Horror Night event days, you should expect Universal Studios Florida to close a couple of hours earlier than usual! 

Halloween Horror Nights will cause normal operating hours at Universal Studios Florida to end at 5PM on nearly every event night. 

Once normal operating hours end at Universal Studios Florida, employees will sweep the park for those who do not have Halloween Horror Nights tickets and being directing to them to the park exit.

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Halloween Horror Night ticket holders will be permitted to stay in special holding areas while Universal prepared the park for HHN, or will ask them to queue up again at the entrance of Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Florida typically closes no earlier than 7PM on non-Halloween Horror Night event days, so this 5PM closure is definitely a bit earlier than usual.

However, Islands of Adventure will typically stay open for a few hours after Universal Studios closes for Halloween Horror Nights!

If you're planning a trip to Universal Studios Florida during September or October then definitely plan accordingly to optimize your time at the park to make up for these reduced hours!

Spooky Atmosphere at Halloween Horror Nights

Does Universal Studios Hollywood Close Early For Halloween Horror Nights?

Universal Studios Hollywood also closes early for Halloween Horror Nights, but the closure isn't as drastic as Universal Studios Florida.

On Halloween Horror Night event days, Universal Studios Hollywood will typically close by 5PM as the park transforms for HHN.

During the off-season (September - November) Universal Studios Hollywood can close by 6PM or 7PM on weekdays, so this 5PM close time during Halloween Horror Nights isn't too drastic. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Logo

While you'll still be loosing valuable time at the park, it shouldn't be too much of a difference when compared to most normal operating days at Universal Studios Hollywood.  

If you won't be attending Halloween Horror Nights and need those extra 1-2 hours, then we recommend taking a look at the Halloween Horror Nights event calendar and pick a day the event won't be operating. 

Otherwise, be sure to arrive early or consider purchasing an Express Pass to experience as many attractions as possible!



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