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Disney Springs Parking Fees | Latest Prices & Discounts

With Disney theme parks and hotels charging a parking fee, it's easy to think Disney Springs may have a parking fee as well.

Our guide will detail everything you need to know about parking fees at Disney Springs as well as current pricing!

Questions We'll Answer About Parking Fees At Disney Springs: 

  • Is There A Parking Fee At Disney Springs?
  • What Is The Disney Springs Parking Fee?
  • Disney Springs Parking Fee Discounts


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Is There A Parking Fee At Disney Springs?

Yes! There is a parking fee at Disney Springs if you're interested in Valet Parking. 

There are only two parking options at Disney Springs: Self-Parking and Valet Parking.

While Valet Parking does have an additional fee, Self-Parking is free at any of the parking garages or surface parking

All of the Valet Parking locations at Disney Spring will come at a price no matter where you use Valet Parking. 

UPDATE: As of mid-2023 valet parking has been suspended at Disney Springs.

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What Is The Disney Springs Parking Fee?

Valet Parking is $20 per vehicle and does not include gratuity. 

Tipping when using Valet Parking is customary, so be sure to factor in this additional cost if you plan to use Valet Parking. 

Disney Springs Parking Fee Discounts

As of the time of this writing there are no discounts being offered on the valet parking fee. 

If any discounts are offered we'll be sure to update this section as soon as possible!



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