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Disney Genie Plus Guide: Know Before You Go

Disney Genie Plus is one of the most popular add-ons at every Disney park.

In this guide, we will explain what Disney Genie+ is, how to purchase it, how to use it, and if it's worth it.

What is Disney Genie+?

A Disney Genie+ Pass is an additional cost that allows visitors to skip the regular lines to the majority of popular rides and shows at a Disney Park, by using the faster Lightning Lane line.

lightning lane line with disney genie plus

Visitors will be able to reserve a riding spot for the Lightning Lane line, and then they'll be given a time frame of when they can use it for that day.

However, guests can only book one ride at a time.

After a rider has used their Lightning Lane (or their window is up), they'll be able to book a Lightning Lane for their next ride of the day.

green light for lightning lane entrance

You'll want to be familiar with the Disney Genie Plus rides to know which rides are included at each park.

Aside from skipping the long lines, the Genie+ pass also includes:

  • Unlimited PhotoPass Digital Downloads for the day (For On-Ride Photos)
  • Access to Disney PhotoPass Lenses
  • Access to Audio Tales around the Park

How to Purchase a Genie Plus Pass

It's important to know that the price of a Genie+ Pass can fluctuate by day, which park you are visiting, and if the park is expected to be crowded during your visit.

However, they are typically around $25 per day per visitor.

Visitors will need to download the My Disney Experience App (for Disney World) or the Disneyland App.

disney world and disneyland app

You'll want to ensure that you have a valid Disney account, and if you don't have one you'll need to create one inside of the app.

  • Select the Plus Sign
  • Select View My Genie Day & Tip Board
  • Select Purchase Disney Genie+ For Today
    purchase disney genie + option
  • Confirm Your Party Size - Who Will Buy a Genie+ Pass
    disney genie plus party confirmation
  • Review Your Order
  • Input Your Payment Information & Check Out

Once you've purchased your Genie Plus Pass, it will be automatically linked to your account, and you'll be able to make a reservation.

How to Make a Genie+ Reservation

It's important to know at Disney World the earliest that you can make a Genie+ selection is at 7 am on the day that you are visiting.

disney genie + 7 am reservation

At Disneyland, Genie+ reservations can only be made after physically entering the park (the app will recognize this by using your location).

disneyland disney genie+ reservation after park entry

To make a reservation, you can select the + sign, then select View My Genie Day and Tip Board.

view my genie day and tip board

You'll then select the ride that you want to make a reservation for, and once it's confirmed you'll be able to see within which time window you're able to use the Lightning Lane line.

genie plus reservation confirmation at expedition everest

Using Your Genie+ Pass When It's Time

When it's finally within your timeframe, you can head to your reserved ride, find the Lightning Lane entrance, and simply scan your pass or MagicBand until the machine color turns green.

scan pass in lightning lane

Some rides only require riders to scan their pass before entering the line, while other rides will have multiple checkpoints:

  • Before Entering the Lightning Lane Line
  • Moments Before Riding

We recommend not putting your pass away until you reach the rider boarding station.

rider boarding station at expedition everest

Park Hopping With Genie+

Park-hopping guests can use Disney Genie Plus for their next park, however, the only catch is that no reservations can be made at the next park until after 2 pm.

Is Disney Genie+ Worth It?

Disney Genie+ is absolutely worth it as it allows you to spend your day riding your favorite rides rather than waiting in lines.

The ability to have a time frame of when you can ride, rather than a set time is extremely flexible as you can do other things around the park without having to be in a rush that you'll miss your turn.

As Annual Pass holders, we've been to the park many times both without a Genie+ Pass and with one, and we can confidently say that it's a completely better experience when you have the pass for the day.

disney world annual pass holder tickets

However the Disney Genie+ Pass has limited availability, so you'll want to ensure someone in your group can stay on top of it when it comes to purchasing the pass early in the day and making individual reservations throughout the day.

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