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Carowinds Dining Plan: Everything You Need to Know

The Carowinds Dining Plan is one of the most popular add-on options at the park.

In this page, we will explain what a Carowinds Dining Plan is, the types of Dining Plans available, and the pros and cons of each one.

What is a Dining Plan at Carowinds?

A Carowinds Dining Plan is an additional purchase that allows visitors to pay once, and be eligible to eat food at different restaurants at the park throughout the day or season.

carowinds dining plan restaurants in app

It is an additional purchase that allows visitors to pay once and makes them eligible to eat food at different restaurants at the park throughout the day or season.

chickies and petes dining plan at carowinds

Visitors can purchase Dining Plans as a one-day add-on or a Season add-on.

To use a Dining Pass and/or Dining Deal, visitors must have a valid one-day ticket or a Carowinds Season Pass.

carowinds park entrance


There are four types of Dining Plan options available at Carowinds:

  1. Single Meal Deal
  2. All-Day Dining
  3. Premium All-Day Dining
  4. All-Season Dining (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Prestige, Prestige Plus)

It's important to note that all Dining Plan options are not valid during special events.

1. Single Meal Deal

carowinds single meal deal

The Single Meal Deal allows visitors one meal (at participating restaurants) every time they visit.

The meal includes:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 side item
  • 1 regular-sized Coca-Cola fountain drink 

2. All-Day Dining

carowinds all day dining

The All-Day Dining Deal allows visitors unlimited meals of one entrée and one side during their visit.

Visitors must wait 90 minutes between meals before being able to grab their next meal.

3. Premium All-Day Dining

carowinds premium all day dining

The Premium All-Day Dining Deal allows visitors everything that the regular All-Day Dining deal includes, plus a drink wristband for unlimited refills throughout the day.

This meal includes:

  • 1 entrée
  • 1 side item or a snack
  • Drink wristband for unlimited refills at the Coca-Cola stations
carowinds coca cola refill station

Visitors must wait 15 minutes between drink refills and 90 minutes between meals.

4. All-Season Dining

The All-Season Dining plan allows all Season Pass Holders to eat up to 2 meals per visit (lunch & dinner) throughout a season.

Drinks, snacks, and desserts are not included.

Visitors should be aware that with this plan, they can only get food every 4 hours. 

Restaurants That Participate in Dining Plans

13 restaurants at Carowinds accept the Dining Plan:

  1. Beach Bites
  2. Blue Ridge Country Kitchen
  3. Burrito Cafe
  4. Camp Cookout
  5. Chickie's & Pete's Sports Grill
  6. Fair Fries
  7. Frequent Fryers
  8. Harbor House
  9. Harmony Hall Marketplace
  10. Juke Box Diner
  11. Panda Express
  12. Papa Luigi's
  13. Sharky's Grille

    As of the time of this writing, Leonardo's Hometown Italian Food no longer accepts Dining Plans.


    You can purchase a Dining pass directly from the Carowinds site, or app (after you've signed in and linked your ticket to the app).

    buy carowinds dining plans on the app

    The Dining Plan options can be found under the 'Drinks & Dining Deals' option.


    During our visit, we constantly found ourselves using the Carowinds app to answer any of our questions, and the Dining Plan was no different.

    dining plan options inside carowinds app

    One of the most useful things that you can do is filter by every restaurant where you can use a Dining Plan.

    This will give you a list of everywhere that you can eat with your pass, and you can quickly click on each restaurant and see which types of food options they offer.

    fair fries carowinds dining plan in app

    We'd recommend downloading the app and planning your day directly from there.

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