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Best Backpacks For Theme Parks | Top 5 Ranked & Tips!

Backpacks are one the most essential items to bring with you on a visit to a theme park and a great quality backpack can make your visit much more enjoyable.

Fumbling with an overly heavy or poorly built backpack can bring a lot of unnecessary frustration during an all-day theme park visit, so investing in the right backpack for your needs is well worth the expense. 

We've ranked our favorite backpacks in some of the most important categories from budget to lightweight to consider purchasing before you head to Disney, Universal, or any other theme park!

The Best Backpacks For Theme Parks:

  • Best Budget Backpack For Theme Parks
  • Best Lightweight Backpack
  • Best Premium Backpack
  • Best Mini-Backpack
  • Best Overall Backpack For Theme Parks

Best Budget Backpack For Theme Parks

With multiple zippers, pockets, drink holders, and even an external USB charging port, the Matein Travel Backpack is our choice for the best budget backpack. 



  • Three separate compartments including a laptop compartment, a very large main storage compartment, and a smaller front compartment with multiple pockets for cellphones, external batteries, cables, and books
  • Laptop compartment can be used for large laptops, tablets, or other storage needs
  • Main compartment can store multiple changes of clothes and plenty of room for snacks
  • External USB charging port allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while charging using an external battery kept in the backpack



  • Can look very bulky/overpacked as it's filled with items
  • Not water resistant
  • Some may find the numerous compartments and pockets overwhelming and hard to track where specific items are stored

BEST FOR: Travelers looking for a backpack with almost every feature at a budget price don't care about a fashionable appearance. 

Best Lightweight Backpack

Weighing just 1.3 pounds, but sacrificing minimal practicality is the Abshoo Classic Backpack, our choice for the best lightweight backpack 




  • At 1.3lbs the Abshoo Classic is a lightweight, but durable and very high-quality backpack, especially for the price.
  • Water resistant
  • Decent main storage compartment. Can hold phones, portable chargers, and a few small snacks.
  • External USB charging port allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while charging using an external battery kept in the backpack
  • Two side pocks for umbrellas and/or water bottles



  • Only one main storage compartment
  • Front zip pocket is somewhat small and lacks organizational features

BEST FOR: Travelers who want a high-quality lightweight backpack to store daily essentials for 1-2 people during their theme park visit.

Best Premium Backpack

Our pick for the best premium backpack is The North Face Recon backpack. Designed for comfort even with heavy loads and designed with high-quality materials the Recon is a great choice if budget is not a concern.  


  • Articulated shoulder stretch and a rounded back panel for added comfort
  • Two large storage compartments which can fit multiple snacks, changes of clothes, portable chargers, and numerous storage pockets
  • Two extended mesh water bottle pockets that can hold larger water bottles
  • Very high-quality, durable materials
  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association 



  • May be too large and heavy for some 

BEST FOR: Those looking for a lot of storage space, don't mind a heavier backpack, and hoping to have a backpack survive wear and tear for multiple years.

Best Mini-Backpack

Small, but stylish is the Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack which is our choice for the best mini-backpacks.



  • Only 11 inches tall and half a pound in weight
  • Roomy pockets considering the size of the backpack
  • Two side pockets for additional storage
  • Fashionable design



  • Not water resistant
  • Side pockets are difficult to fit water bottles in 

BEST FOR: Travelers looking for a stylish, lightweight mini backpack without multiple storage compartments and pockets. 

Best Overall Backpack For Theme Parks

Our choice for the best overall backpack for theme parks is The North Face Jester backpack!

With premium build quality, two large compartments with multiple organizing pockets at a moderate weight and price, The North Face Jester is an amazing backpack to bring with you on your next theme park visit!  


  • Two large storage compartments with multiple organization pockets
  • Mesh back panel and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap for added support and comfort
  • Two water bottle pockets
  • Weights just 2lbs given the premium build quality and large storage compartments
  • Sleek, modern design



  • May be too large for some people

BEST FOR: Travelers looking for an overall fantastic backpack with the most features needed during your theme park visit at a moderate price for a premium brand.


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