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Our Favorite Star Wars Backpacks Of 2023 | Ultimate Guide

Whether you're looking at Star Wars backpacks for your next Disney trip or to just show off your fandom there are hundreds of options to choose from. 

Our Star Wars backpacks guide ranks some of our favorites to choose from if you're having trouble deciding! 

Topics We'll Cover About Star Wars Backpacks:

  • Our Top 5 Favorite Star Wars Backpacks in 2023!


Our Favorite Star Wars Backpacks


Star Wars Darth Vader Inspired Backpack


Why We Chose It: This backpack is one our of favorites for it's subtle nod to Darth Vader without screaming Star Wars. The Darth Vader inspired design is enough to know this backpack is from the world of Star Wars without any design elements that might be too tacky or flashy as we see in a lot of movie inspired merchandise.

Backpack Features: The backpack is made out of durable and high quality materials throughout, giving it a more expensive look as well as being long lasting. The backpack overall is quite large so there's plenty of storage space, including a laptop carrying pocket, and the cushioned shoulder straps bring added comfort if you stuff this one full!




Stormtrooper Mini Backpack

  Stormtrooper Loungefly Minibackpack  

Why We Chose It: Loungefly makes some of the most stylish and high quality backpacks around, and this Stromtrooper minibackpack is no exception. We love the classic Star Wars design that's perfect for kids or to bring with you to a Disney theme park. It's hard to find Starwars backpacks that are better quality than Loungefly.

Backpack Features: This backpack is relatively simple with one main storage area and then a smaller front pocket. While being on the smaller end, this backpack still packs a decent bit of storage space. Materials feel extra high quality with a vegan leather finish and enamel finishes on all zippers. 




Star Wars: The Mandalorian Pattern Backpack

  The Mandalorian Pattern Backpack  

Why We Chose It: This Mandalorian inspired backpack features a pattern of favorite characters from the Star Wars Disney+ series and is made more specifically for children. We love the design of and color scheme of this backpack for a more playful bag to have in our collection. It's also a bit on the smaller side (perfect for kids), but for short trips and as a daily backpack it should do the job!

Backpack Features: Cushioned shoulder straps and back pad makes this bad easy to carry especially with younger audiences in mind. There are also two water bottle pouches on each side of the backpack along with a standard main storage pouch and smaller front pocket. 



Mandalorian and Grogu Cartoon Backpack

  Star Wars: The Mandalorian Cartoon Style Backpack  

Why We Chose It: One of our favorite backpacks on this list is this The Mandalorian cartoon design backpack. We love the fun portray of Mando and Grogu for a more unique look you won't see elsewhere all too often. Some may find the design a bit tacky, but we love the design and uniqueness.

Backpack Features: One large main storage pocket which includes a laptop sleeve. The backpack also has extra cushioning on the shoulder straps and handle for extra comfort. Overall, this backpack is a bit basic, but will get the job done for most day to day needs.




Star Wars A New Hope Inspired Backpack

  Star Wars: A New Hope Backpack  

Why We Chose It: Out of all the backpacks on our list this one comes in at our favorite. With a design so iconic to Star Wars - we love the nostalgia and moment it captures from A New Hope. As with all Loungefly backpacks, it's also made with high quality materials giving it a more expensive look and feel than many other Star Wars backpacks. 

NOTE: Loungefly makes a ton of other backpacks capturing iconic scenes from the Star Wars films. This is only one of many!

Backpack Features: While quite small this backpack can double as a purse or still be useful for quick day to day errands. The main pouch has room for most essentials, but where the backpack really stands out is the high quality materials and finishes it's built with. 




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