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5 Best Wildwater Kingdom Rides | Simply Explained

Wildwater Kingdom is Dorney Park's ultra popular giant water park that features 22 water slides, 3 kids play areas, a wave pool and a lazy river.

In this page, we'll list out the best rides that Wildwater Kingdom offers, how each one is unique, and what to expect.

Table of Contents

  1. Water Slides
  2. Family Rides
  3. Lazy River
  4. Wave Pool
  5. Kids & Family Areas

1. Water Slides

If you're looking for thrill rides, the 'Snake Pit' rides are something that you just can't miss out on.

Snake Pit

Python Plummet

Python Plummet is made up of 3 body slides that include a toe curling vertical drop.

python plummet wildwater kingdom

The 3 slides all vary in length from 336 feet to 449 feet, and you can choose your slide depending on your thrill tolerance.

You will stand at the top of the slide and suddenly the floor will slip from underneath you.

You'll travel at speeds of 26 feet per second and make your way through flat loops and curves until you reach the bottom and are greeted by a splash of water.


You'll hop on a tube and enter a completely enclosed slide and experience 4 stomach turning 360 degree loops.

constrictor wildwater kingdom

If you're a fan of sharp turns at high speeds, this ride was made for you.

At 450 ft in length, this slide can be intimidating to some visitors, and love at first sight for others.

Boa Blasters

Here you'll grab your inner tube and quickly make a decision.

Which slide to go on...

boa blasters wildwater kingdom

This is a perfect ride to race your friends or family members to see who is actually the fastest of the group!

The kicker is that one slide is 274 feet in length, and the other is significantly longer at 376 feet (so choose the shorter one).

This ride will take you through a series of 'S' shaped turns, and you'll notice the color lighting is unique during the ride as it seems to change every few seconds.

Finally you'll have one final drop right into the pool for an ultimate fun experience.

2. Family Rides

Aqua Blast

Fitting up to 4 people, this giant 8 foot raft will be a perfect vehicle to a fantastic experience.

aquablast wildwater kingdom

You and your family/friends will take turns to see who can scream, or laugh the hardest as you make your way down the elevated water slide.

In the end, like many other rides you'll be greeted by a giant splash into the pool.

This ride spans over 700 feet!

Patriot's Plunge

The Patriotic slide of the park! Choose between the red, white, or blue slide depending on your preference.

patriots plunge wildwater kingdom

The red and blue slide are both a combination of having enclosed & open air areas throughout the ride.

The white slide is a completely enclosed ride.

Regardless of which one you choose, you will have a fantastic experience.

Important to Know - This ride requires climbing 82 steps while carrying an inner tube.

3. Lazy River

Take a break from all the fun and let the water do all of the work by floating through the lazy river!

This 1,000 ft river will give you plenty of time to lay back, relax and enjoy the sun.

lazy river wildwater kingdom

4. Wave Pool

This giant wave pool holds 560,000 gallons of water and is the size of a football field!

Although it was open over 30 years ago (in 1985), it is still one of the largest man-made pools in the world today.

How it Works

The wave pool runs on a 5 minute on and 5 minute off cycle, meaning there will be gradually increasing wave for 5 consecutive minutes, and then no waves for 5 consecutive minutes.

wildwater kingdom wave pool

The wave pool at its deepest is 6 feet, however that doesn't mean the entire pool is that deep.

In fact, the pool begins at 0 feet and the further you walk in, it'll gradually become deeper.

This is a neat feature as it can give parents the peace of mind for their kids to play with the tiny waves the wash up at the beginning of the wave pool.

Also, there are lifeguards positioned on both sides of the wave pool for maximum safety of the guests. 

Fun Fact

In 2003, the wave pool added a new feature called the pneumatic wave-making system.

This enhanced the wave pool by providing more realistic ocean wave patterns in the pool.

5. Kids & Family Areas

Seaside Splashworks

A multi level play structure that showcases over 75 elements for both kids and parents to play with an entertain themselves for hours on end.

This is a very popular area for families and for good reason.

seaside splashworks wildwater kingdom

It's a giant play area with 6 water slides, spray jets, a dozen water cannons, and a massive 300+ gallon tipping bucket that soaks everyone every 3-4 minutes.

This area is a great family atmosphere, that allows for an easy creation of fantastic lifetime memories for both parents and kids.

Kids Cove

An interactive children's play area is sunken submarine-themed area where a (friendly) octopus guards the submarine.

Kids will be able to use the tentacles of the octopus as stairs to climb aboard and enjoy as they make their way down the slide... Over and over again.

Parents can relax and conveniently watch from a close distance on the available lounge and beach chairs, positioned around the area.

Splash Landing

If you're looking for a more laid back lounge area, then look no further.

Splash Landing features a zero-depth pool with geysers and umbrellas to let the little ones relax and cool off. 

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