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The Best Place To Start The Freedom Trail | Guide & Tips

The Freedom Trail is one of the most popular experiences in Boston with multiple locations to begin exploring. 

In this Freedom Trail Guide, we'll break down the best place to start the Freedom Trail as well as share a few other tips to help you have the best experience possible!

Questions We'll Answer About The Freedom Trail:

  • Where Is The Best Place To Start The Freedom Trail?
  • Other Great Spots To Start The Freedom Trail!

 Freedom Trail Sign

Where Is The Best Place To Start The Freedom Trail?

The best place to start the Freedom Trail is going to be the Boston Common Visitor Center.

Boston Common is a large public park located between Tremont and Beach Street in downtown Boston. 

The Boston Common Visitor Center is on the east side of the park (off Tremont Street) and near West Street.  


From Boston Common Visitors Center you'll travel through the park before heading to the King's Chapel, First Public School, Old Corner Bookstore, and eventually further north to Paul Revere's House. 

This helpful map from the Freedom Trail Organization outlines the entire Freedom Trail route and sights you can expect to see! 

Paul Revere House

Starting at Boston Common Visitors Center will allow you to see all of the most popular sights quickest before ending at Bunker Hill (or you can turn around at the Charlestown Bridge if you're looking for a shorter walk). 

Boston Common Visitors Center is also the most centrally located starting point especially if you're staying in Downtown Boston, Back Bay or Seaport. 


Other Great Spots To Start The Freedom Trail!

If you're looking to start the Freedom Trail from somewhere other than the Boston Common Visitor Center then there are a few other great starting points.

You may miss some of the less popular parts of the trail starting from these locations, but if you're looking for a quicker walk then these starting points may be better for you!

Paul Revere Sign at Old North Church


Heading south from the Old North Church will take you immediately to Paul Revere's House, but you'll miss Bunker Hill and Copp's Hill Burying Ground.

Old North Church is a great starting starting point for those who don't mind skipping out on Bunker Hill and looking to cut their walking time and distance by about half. 

This route will have you end at the Boston Common Visitor Center.

Freedom Trail Path


Starting the Freedom Trail from Bunker Hill Monument is a great way to end your walk in downtown Boston especially if you're wanting to walk the entire trail. 

Bunker Hill Monument is on the far north end of the Freedom Trail and will start you off with a walk past the Battle of Bunker Hill Museum, Commander's House and USS Constitution. 

After crossing the Charlestown Bridge you'll pass by Old North Church and Paul Revere's House before heading into Downtown Boston. 

Because there is less to see in the Bunker Hill area, this route will feel a bit less eventful than starting at Old North Church or Boston Common, but it's still a great starting point beginning at a location which played a huge role in the American Revolutionary War.



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