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10 Best Theme Parks In & Near Massachusetts | Ranked

While Massachusetts and the greater Northeast area might not have a Disney World or Universal Studios, there are still tons of great theme parks and amusement parks to experience!

We're here to list the 10 best theme parks and amusement marks around Massachusetts!

Questions We'll Answer About Theme Parks Near Massachusetts:

  • What Are The 10 Best Theme Parks Near Massachusetts?
Six Flags New England Rollercoaster

Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England is part of the Six Flags theme park family known for it's wild roller coasters and thrill rides.

Six Flags New England is no exception to this with over a dozen attractions to experience as well as opportunities to meet your favorite Looney Tunes characters.

Six Flags New England is located in the city of Agwam just about an hour and a half drive from Boston.

When it comes to theme parks in Massachusetts, Six Flags New England is consistently ranked as one of the best!

Edaville Family Theme Park 

Edaville Family Theme Park is a smaller theme park located an hour away from Boston in the town of Carver. 

While Edaville might be a smaller theme park, and not packed with thrill rides like Six Flags, it's still a fun theme park especially for younger children. 

Rides at Edaville Family Theme Park include bumper cards, carousels and roller coasters. 

Legoland New York Entrance

Legoland New York

Moving outside of Massachusetts and into New York is Legoland New York.

While located in New York, Legoland is only a three and a half hour drive from Boston and makes for a great weekend trip.

Legoland New York is basically brand new opening in mid-2022 and loaded with fun rides themed to the iconic Lego brand. 

Legoland New York cost over 500 million dollars to build and it really shows in the quality and variety of attractions offered at the park. 

With dozens of outstanding ride and the fan favorite Lego Ninjango area, Legoland New York is our favorite theme park with a few hours drive from Massachusetts. 

Nickelodeon Universe

Located in New Jersey and about three and a half hours from Boston is Nickelodeon Universe!

With over 27 attractions featuring characters like SpongeBob, Dora and Rugrats, Nickelodeon Universe is a hit with families and small children. 

Nickelodeon Universe is actually located inside the American Dream Mall and is the largest indoor theme park in the country!

Dorney Park

One of the most popular theme parks in the Northeast is Dorney Park! 

While a bit far from Massachusetts at a 5 hour drive from Boston, Dorney Park has over 60 rides, shows and attractions which make the trek worth it for many.  

Dorney Park is known for its thrill rides and coasters, but the Planet Snoopy play area is perfect for kids - making Dorney Park a great theme park for all ages. 

planet snoopy at dorney park

Wildwater Kingdom

Wildwater Kingdom is actually part of the Dorney Park property and the only water park to make our list!

Wildwater Kingdom is closed for a large portion of the year, but during the Spring and Summer months Wildwater will regularly be open and one of the best water parks near Massachusetts! 

Land of Make Believe

The Land of Make Believe is located in New Jersey and is a great park for families with kids 12 years old and under. 

Nearly all of the rides at the Land of Make Believe are designed for parents to interact with, and spend time with, their kids as much as possible. 

Even the rollercoasters are kid friendly with height requirements only at 36 inches (3 feet). 

Playland Park

Open since 1928, Playland Park is located in New York and another great amusement park for families with young children.

Rides at Playland Park include bumper cars, multiple roller coasters, a carousel and even a boat ride taking you through a fantasy story with an appearance by a dragon!

Bayville Adventure Park

Bayville Adventure Park is a unique amusemt park located in New Jersey with a pirate theme!

You'll of course find plenty of pirates and pirate ships at Bayville Adventure Park along with rides like bumper boats, pirate themed mini-golf and indoor rock climbing.  

Luna Park

Luna Park is part of the famed Coney Island in New York!

Luna Park is primarily made up of popular "boardwalk" rides like ferris wheels, carousels, small roller coasters and spinner rides.



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