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What to Wear to Universal Studios Hollywood | Easily Explained

Dressing incorrectly for any theme park can negatively affect your experience for an entire day.

This is why in this page we will explain how to dress for Universal Studios Hollywood along with the reasons why these are the best options.

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What to Wear to Universal Studios Hollywood

First and foremost, you'll want to dress comfortably but with a hint of athleticism. Light clothing will go a long way in enduring an entire day of walking, sweating, and possibly even getting wet (from the rain or Jurassic World).

what to wear to universal studios hollywood

Attire Checklist

  • Nylon shorts or khaki shorts
  • Short sleeve athletic compression shirt/dry fit shirt
  • Walking/running shoes
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen/Sunblock
  • Extra pair of socks

Many guests initially laugh at the suggestion of bringing an extra pair of socks until their socks become soaked from a ride or the rain, and they are stuck with them the rest of the day.

Explaining Each Item in the Checklist

Loose Fitting Shirt

A loose fitting athletic shirt will feel amazing during a breeze, generally dries up quicker, and most importantly won't feel like 1,000 lbs after an entire day at the park.

walking with athletic clothes

Shorts With Pockets

You'd be surprised at how many athletic shorts don't have pockets, and guests order it online, and don't realize it until the day of their visit.

They then either can't wear those shorts, or do wear them and then have to carry their personal items all day.


Sunglasses will allow you to be able to see clearly throughout the entire day (or else you will be squinting the entire day), while sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun.


A hat isn't a must-have to wear to the park but it is definitely nice to have as it will shield your scalp from the sun, while giving you the comfort of not needing to fix your hair for every picture.


However, you'll want to remember to take off your hat for any roller coaster or ride that will pick up in speed.

Trust us, losing your hat while going full speed on a roller coaster isn't a great feeling.


Although you necessarily won't 'wear a poncho', it's important to carry one especially if you're visiting during the summer months.

Rather than carrying a large umbrella for an entire day in case it rains, just carry an ultra lightweight poncho in your pocket or bag, and your future-self will thank you in the event that it does rain.

Items to Avoid

Flip Flops

If possible, you'll want to wear anything besides flip flops if you're planning to visit the park for more than a few hours.

Your feet will hurt, and you'll also have to worry about your flip flops flying off during faster rides.

Lastly, if it rains, you'll seemingly step on every single puddle that is at the park, and your feet will get dirty very quickly.

How do we know this? Unfortunately, we've worn flip flops to theme parks before.

Cotton T-shirts

As they tend to take a long time to dry in the humidity, sweat, and water rides.

Can You Dress Up at Universal Studios?

You can absolutely dress up at Universal Studios, but there are certain guidelines that you must follow. No costume masks & weapons are allowed, and you may not dress like a Universal team member. You are able to wear a robe at Universal Studios and IOA.

can you dress up at universal studios

We've created a guide that details when you can dress up, when you can't dress up, and if you're planning to dress up what you should consider and expect.

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