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What Time Does Halloween Horror Nights Close? | Know Before You Go!

Knowing just when Halloween Horror Nights closes each night is essential to planning a successful evening and ensuring you fit as much as possible into your schedule.

Our Halloween Horror Nights Operation Hours Guide details when you can expect HHN to close each night, as well as some tips on how to make the most of your limited time at the event.

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Night's Operating Hours:

  • What Time Does Halloween Horror Nights Close?
  • How Can You Make The Most Of Your Time At Halloween Horror Nights?

Clown with fire in the background at Halloween Horror Nights

What Time Does Halloween Horror Nights Start?

If history is any indicator, Halloween Horror Nights will end at 2 AM every night.

Beginning in 2022, Universal Studios shifted Halloween Horror Nights to a standard closing time of 2 AM for the entire event.

In previous years, Halloween Horror Nights often ended at 1:00 AM on weekdays and 2:00 AM on weekends.

While Universal has yet to officially announce the end time for Halloween Horror Nights in 2023, we suspect they will do what they did in 2022 and close at 2 AM each night.

As soon as the Halloween Horror Nights operating schedule is finalized for 2023, we'll be sure to update this guide!

Chainsaw Wielding Man With Neon Outfit

How Can You Make The Most Of Your Time At Halloween Horror Nights?

With only a limited time to enjoy Halloween Horror Nights, we're offering you some of our best time (and money) saving tips to make the most of your HHN visit!

PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE: Don't wait to purchase your tickets at the front gate of Universal Studios as you'll spend valuable time waiting in often lengthy lines. Purchase your tickets for Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando or Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood in advance online. 

ARRIVE EARLY: Universal often begins allowing people into the park early to prevent massive lines from building outside their gates - this means that the gates to HHN may open before the posted opening time. Regardless, arriving early will help you beat any sort of lines that form to enter the park.

Two women getting scared at Halloween Horror Nights

CONSIDER EXPRESS PASS: Wait times for the most popular haunted mazes can easily stretch for two hours or more on some of the busiest nights.

If you're willing to spend some extra cash then Express Pass is the way to go as you'll wait a fraction of the time you would in the general lines.

START FROM THE BACK: When Halloween Horror Nights officially begins each night most people run straight to the first haunted maze they can find. We recommend being patient and starting with the mazes towards the back of the park.

Spooky atmosphere at Halloween Horror Nights

As the night goes on, the mazes towards the front of the park will get less popular as people move deeper into Universal Studios.

CONSIDER WEEKDAYS: If your schedule is flexible then definitely consider going to Halloween Horror Nights on a weekday. Even though the event typically ends an hour earlier, the smaller crowds and lower wait times may allow you to do more in less time! 



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