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Universal Studios Hollywood Reservations Explained | Guide & Tips

With theme parks around the country adding reservations to enter the park as well as enjoy restaurants and shows, you might be wondering what Universal Studios Hollywood's policy might be on these reservations. 

We'll breakdown Universal's current reservation policy and provide some helpful hints to make the most of your visit to the park!

Everything You Need To Know About Reservations At Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • Are Reservations Required To Enter Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Are Reservations Required For Restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Are Reservations Required For Rides or Shows at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Super Nintendo World Reservations


Universal Studios Hollywood Sign

Are Reservations Required To Enter Universal Studios Hollywood?

Reservations are not needed to enter Universal Studios Hollywood. 

In mid-2021 reservations were required to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, but that requirement has since been removed.

Now all you will need to enter Universal Studios Hollywood is a ticket valid on your day of visit.

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance Archway

TIP: Even though reservations are not required to enter the park, keep in mind that on busy days (Christmas, New Years) Universal Studios Hollywood could hit capacity and they may limit the amount of people who can enter the park.

This only happens a few days of the year, so you likely won't have to worry about being turned away at the front gates. 

The ticket you purchase must be valid on your day of visit! Be sure to select the correct day you'd like to visit before purchasing a ticket. 

universal studios hollywood ride reservations

Are Reservations Required For Restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood?

No restaurants inside Universal Studios Hollywood require or accepted reservations. 

The only exception to this is Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World which often goes to a waitlist based system when the land gets too busy. You can only add your name to the waitlist by arriving in person to Toadstool Cafe

Many restaurants at Universal CityWalk Hollywood however do accept reservations and for many of the most popular restaurants we recommend making a reservation in advance! 

Universal Virtual Line Kiosks

Are Reservations Required For Rides or Shows at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Reservations are available for select rides and shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, but not always required!

Reservation availability is dependent on your day of visit and we've included some of the rides that frequently appear on Universal Hollywood's app for reservations below:

  • The Secret Life Of Pets: Off The Leash
  • WaterWorld Stunt Show

While reservations are not required specifically for Super Nintendo World or Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, there is a chance that you will need a reservation to enter the land on very busy days of the year.

Super Nintendo World Sign

Super Nintendo World Reservations

Super Nintendo World can hit capacity, and Universal Studios Hollywood will sometimes implement a virtual line system to manage the capacity of the land. 

We've recently only seen the virtual line system for Nintendo World implemented on busy holiday weekends (think New Year's, Christmas or Fourth of July) but we do recommend being prepared in the event a virtual line is implemented during your visit.

After purchasing your ticket and arriving at Universal Studios, you will be able to make a reservation for Super Nintendo World using the Universal Hollywood mobile app.

Be prepared and have the mobile app downloaded in advance, so when you arrive at Universal you can quickly use the app after passing through the entrance gates to make a reservation. After you secure a reservation you will be given a window of time to return to Super Nintendo World and enjoy all the land has to offer. 

For more information we recommend reading Universal's guide on Virtual Lines!


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