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What Is Universal Studios' Dress Code? | Simply Explained

While Universal Studios isn't a fancy restaurant or country club, like many family-centric establishments, it does have a dress code that guests must abide by.

In this guide, we'll explain Universal Hollywood and Universal Orlando's dress code policy, some helpful hints, and what they are most and least flexible on in terms of the dress code policy.

Questions We'll Answer About Universal's Dress Code:

  • What Is Universal Studios' Dress Code?
  • What Is Not Allowed To Be Worn At Universal Studios?
  • What Happens If I'm Not In Dress Code At Universal Studios?


Quidditch Clothing Store at Universal Studios

What Is Universal Studios' Dress Code?

The dress code policies at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood are identical and are generally what you might expect from a family-focused destination. 

First and foremost, all guests must be fully clothed, including shirts and shoes. 

Face coverings are also not allowed unless they are for health or religious purposes or required by Universal for other healthcare reasons. 

Clothing must always be deemed "family friendly" and cannot expose an excessive amount of skin. Universal has final discretion on what is or isn't considered family-friendly and if an excessive amount of skin is being shown.

While some of these guidelines may seem broad, they are worded this way to ensure Universal has flexibility in deciding if any items of clothing cannot be worn on their property. 

Hard Rock Cafe at Universal CityWalk


While Universal doesn't go into too much detail on what can be worn at their theme parks, they provide quite a bit more detail on what specifically cannot be worn as detailed in the section below. 

What Is Not Allowed To Be Worn At Universal Studios?

Universal's official dress code policy officially states the following items may not be worn:

Clothing that represented any sort of emergency personnel which means nothing that resembles a police officer, firefighter or paramedic.

This is a very strict policy and Universal has zero tolerance for any articles of clothing that may have you mistaken for any sort of emergency personnel.

This also includes Universal security employees. In fact under no circumstances can you wear clothes that may have you mistaken for Universal employee.

You may also not wear any clothing with offensive language or any images of something Universal employees consider "disturbing". 

Streets of London at Universal Studios


This policy also includes clothing with offensive language or imagery or promotes other guests to cause a disturbance or act in a way that may harm others. In other words the messaging on your clothing should always be family friendly.

This is also another zero tolerance policy with no flexibility. If an article of clothing contains messaging that attempt to incite violence or any sort of disturbance then you can expect Universal to show no flexibility in allowing you to wear it. 

Costumes and masks, especially during Halloween Horror Nights, also have their own specific policies and restrictions. 

While not specifically outlined by Universal, clothing that is deemed too revealing or not providing enough coverage will often be prohibited from being work at the parks. 

Typically shirts, shoes and bottoms must be worn at all times and should provide more coverage than just undergarments would.

These policies and guidelines are under the discretion of Universal Studios employees and they have final say upon arrival to Universal property on what you ultimately can and cannot wear.

If you have any second thoughts about wearing a particular article of clothing then it's more than likely better to wear something else or bring a backup change of clothes. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

What Happens If I'm Not In Dress Code At Universal Studios?

If you're not in dress code at Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Studios Florida you will be either asked to leave the property or change into new clothing. 

If you don't have any changes of clothes available then Universal will typically allow you to purchase clothes at one of their stores, but you must do so immediately.

If you don't have a change of clothes available and refuse to purchase new clothes then you will be asked to leave or even escorted off of their property.  

If you argue with any of the security employees or attempt to sneak/change back into the prohibited clothing then you might find yourself in more trouble which can sometimes include being banned from any Universal theme park. 



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