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What Is Universal Studios’ Alcohol Policy? | Simply Explained

Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood all have alcohol policies at their parks that you’ll find different than the policies at other theme parks around the country.

Despite being located on opposite sides of the country, the Universal parks in Florida and California have identical rules around alcohol that we’ll explain in this guide!

Questions We'll Answer About Alcohol At Universal Studios:

  • Is alcohol available for purchase?
  • What age do you need to be to purchase alcohol?
  • Can you bring your own alcohol?
  • How many drinks are allowed per person?


Hog's Head bar at Hogsmeade Village

Is alcohol available for purchase?

Yes, alcohol is available to purchase at all Universal theme parks.

Alcoholic beverages like beer and wine are available at most restaurants and quick service locations throughout the parks.

Wine may be slightly more challenging to find and only available in to-go glasses or at full service dining restaurants. 

Beer is also available at beverage carts throughout the parks which also carry bottled water, soda and juices.

Hard liquor and mixed drinks will typically only be available at bars or full service dining locations, but with multiple bars at each park you won’t have issues finding anything.

NOTE: Universal does not serve shots of alcohol, at the very minimum you must order ice with your liquor, but this rule is subject to the discretion of the bartender.

Fountain for Fair Fortune bar at Diagon Alley Universal Studios Florida

What age do you need to be to purchase alcohol?

You must be 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol at any Universal theme park. 

This applies to everyone even if you are traveling from another country with a lower minimum age to purchase and consume alcohol.

You will be required to show identification before purchasing alcohol, which typically includes either a state-issued government identification card or a government-issued passport if you are traveling from another country. 

Universal takes this policy very seriously, and if you are caught consuming alcohol underage, then you will likely be escorted out of the theme park, and local police may become involved as well. 

Fountain of Fair Fortune sign at Diagon Alley Universal Studios Florida

Can you bring your own alcohol?

No, you cannot bring your own alcohol into any Universal theme park and we don't recommend even trying.

This rule applies to all sorts of alcohol including beer, wine, hard liquor, pre-mixed drinks, hard cider, etc..

At the security checkpoints before entering the theme park, Universal security employees will investigate any container that appears to be holding a liquid. 

If security finds you are trying to bring alcohol into the parks, you will typically be required to pour the beverage out or dispose of the container entirely. 

This is another policy Universal takes very seriously and no exceptions are allowed.

Universal Studios Hollywood entrance

How many drinks are allowed per person?

One alcoholic drink per person is allowed at any given time. 

When purchasing an alcoholic beverage at Universal Studios you can only order a single drink, unless there are other individuals over the age of 21 with you. 

This person must be present and available to show identification, otherwise you will be not be able to get more than two drinks. 

At the discretion of the bartender, you may purchase a drink, drop it off to other members of your group and then return back in line to purchase additional drinks if they are unable to join you in line. 

Again, this policy is at the discretion of the bartender and they can refuse to serve you at anytime. 

If you finish your initial drink you are also allowed to purchase additional beverages, but if a Universal employee suspects you may be intoxicated or have been drinking too much they can deny you service.

Please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive! 



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