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Universal Studios Fireworks | Shows & Tips For Every Park

Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood may not be as famous for their fireworks shows as Disneyland or Walt Disney World, but they have some nighttime spectaculars that shouldn't be missed!

In this Universal Fireworks Guide, we'll discuss what to expect at Universal theme parks in terms of fireworks, as well as some helpful tips to make the most of your time when trying to see these shows. 

Topics We'll Cover About Fireworks At Universal:

  • Fireworks At Universal Orlando
    • Firework Shows At Universal Studios Florida
    • Firework Shows At Islands of Adventure
    • Tips!
  • Fireworks At Universal Studios Hollywood

 Universal Orlando Resort Sign

Fireworks At Universal Orlando

Currently, there are only fireworks at Islands of Adventure and not at Universal Studios Florida. 

While Universal Studios Florida was home to Universal Orlando's Cinematic Spectacular show, which included fireworks, laser lights, and projections, the show has since ended. 


With Universal Orlando's Cinematic Spectacular Show in early 2023, Universal Studios Florida is without any sort of big nighttime show. 

This, unfortunately, means there are no fireworks planned for the foreseeable future unless you're visiting during New Year's Even in which Universal will have a small firework celebration. 

Universal Studios Florida Entrance

The good news is that Universal is working on a replacement show to debut in the near future at Universal Studios Florida, so fireworks are on their way back.

As soon as we have a start date for this new show we'll be sure to update this section of the guide!


Although very brief, there is a small fireworks display at Islands of Adventure as part of The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle show.

The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle takes place at varying times throughout the day - beginning at dusk and then occurring about every 20 minutes thereafter. 

Islands of Adventure Sign

While the show is mainly a projection mapping and laser light show, there are a few pyrotechnics and fireworks that occur!

Keep in mind that The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle does not take place every single night of the year, so be sure to check your Universal Orlando mobile app for the latest showtimes and schedules as things can shift on very short notice.


TIP #1: If you're just interested in seeing the fireworks, and not the entire Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle show, then you can stand next to the lagoon near Port of Entry for a great view! The show gets very crowded and there's no need to be in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter if all you want to see are the fireworks.

TIP #2: Wait until later in the night for a much better viewing experience! The first show of the night tends to be busiest and it's not always going to be the darkest which will take away from the show experience. If you can wait until later in the evening (the show takes place every 20 minutes) then you won't have to fight as massive of a crowd!

TIP #3: If you're hoping for a Magic Kingdom-style massive firework display, then skip The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle. The show is definitely more focused on projection mapping and laser lights rather than fireworks. The fireworks are truly a very small part of the show. 

Universal Studios Hollywood entrance

Fireworks At Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood also has The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle show!

The major difference here is that fireworks and pyrotechnics are pretty much nonexistent because of the high risk of starting a brushfire in the Southern California area. 

However, in 2023 Universal Studios Hollywood announced a special 4th of July fireworks performance that will fill the sky with fireworks!

While the 4th of July firework show is a limited-time offering, we expect to see something similar for New Year’s Eve if the brush fire risk in the area remains low.

It's yet to be announced if this special 4th of July fireworks show will return in 2024. 

TIP: If you're hoping to see fireworks then you're likely to be disappointed at Universal Studios Hollywood, so we can't recommend going out of your way to see this show for this reason.

Otherwise, The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle is incredible and it's very often on our must-do list, even without the fireworks!



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