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Six Flags Great Adventure's Lockers: All You Need to Know

Just like every major theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure has lockers available for rent.

In this guide, we'll explain where the lockers are located, how much they cost, how to use them, and if they're worth it.

Where Are the Great Adventure Lockers?

Six Flags Great Adventure has many lockers positioned throughout the park, both inside and outside of the park.

six flags great adventure lockers

There are two types of lockers available:

  1. General Locker - Larger locker
  2. Ride Locker - Smaller locker

General Lockers can be found right outside the entrance of the park, next to the Candy Apple shop at the right of the fountain, and in between security checks and ticket taking.

Ride Lockers on the other hand can be found at the entrance of each major ride of the park. 

For example, the ride locker for the Superman Ultimate Flight ride is to the right of the entrance.

superman great adventure entrance
six flags great adventure superman ride locker

How Much Do Lockers Cost?

For General Lockers:

  • Standard Locker - $16
  • Large Locker - $20
  • Jumbo Locker - $25
six flags locker prices

Ride Lockers are much cheaper at:

  • 2-hour rental - $2
  • All-day moveable locker - $10
six flags ride locker pricing

How to Use a Locker

Ride Lockers

To get started, simply swipe your card at the kiosk and generate a 4-digit code to open your locker.

Don't worry, the system won't automatically charge you.

You only need to pay extra if your locker expires and goes beyond the allocated time.

You can enter the locker code as many times as you want during the allocated time.

The lockers don't automatically open when the time is up, but they do have an expiration period.

General Lockers

You can easily move your locker from one ride to another in the park using a 7-digit code.

Just go to the kiosk at any ride and create the code there.

Similarly, there's a 4-digit code to open your locker.

To move the locker, select the third option called "move my multi-use" on each ride's kiosk.

These codes are super handy and make things really convenient for you.

If you ever lose your locker, don't worry!

Just click "move my multi-use" on any ride kiosk, and it will show you where your locker was last located.

Just be careful not to confirm the action, or it will move your locker and make it unavailable.


If you're at all worried about carrying certain belongings with you all day at Great Adventure, then definitely consider getting a locker.  

inside six flags great adventure

The locker prices are extremely affordable and if it means being able to carry fewer belongings throughout the day at Six Flags, then it's worth every penny. 

Worrying about not losing certain items throughout the day is no way to spend your time.

Lockers will give you the peace of mind that your items are safely stored throughout the day.

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