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What is the Sesame Place Rain Policy? | Explained

When you're visiting a theme park, rain is one of the few things that you can't control, that can still impact your experience.

In this page, we will go over what Sesame Place's rain policy is.

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Sunny Day Ticket

If it rains for at least 1 hour straight, Sesame Place will offer visitors a Sunny Day Ticket. This ticket allows visitors to return on any operating day of the current season. The great aspect about this ticket is that it saves you from needing to purchase a separate ticket to return.

lightning and rain

Visitors can't control the weather, and many visitors can only take off of work weeks in advance to bring their kids to the park and spend their hard-earned money (even if there's a chance that it storms).

This pass provides visitors with the peace of mind that even if it rains, they will still be able to return and fully enjoy the park at another date.

How to Get Your Sunny Day Ticket

Before you leave the park, visit Guest Relations or the Welcome Center to receive your Sunny Day Ticket. 

In these locations, you'll swap your ticket, and receive your Sunny Day ticket. If you do not hand in your ticket on the day of your admission, you will no longer be eligible to receive a Sunny Day ticket.

Does Sesame Place Close When it Rains?

Sesame Place can close due to severe thunderstorms, but ultimately it is at the park's discretion.

They can also temporarily suspend rides until the weather improves, and then resume rides.

For this reason, you'll want to ensure you're familiar with the Best Day to Go to Sesame Place.

Preparing for the Rain

We've made a checklist of items to have and do in case of the rain:

  • Bring a Poncho
  • Download the Sesame Place App
  • Know what the indoor rides are, and ride these rides when it rains
  • Watch a show inside

The reason that a poncho is better than an umbrella at a theme park is that it's very lightweight and can fit virtually anywhere when it is folded up.

poncho for rain

If you bring an umbrella, you may need to store it in lockers throughout your day. You can purchase ponchos on Amazon ahead of time, or at the park.

The Sesame Place app is extremely handy as it provides live wait times, an interactive map of the park, allows you to pre-order food, and even locate the closest restrooms.