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Leu Gardens Ultimate Guide | Review, Tips & Is It Worth It?

Leu Gardens is a hidden gem located in Downtown Orlando unfrequented by tourists and loved by locals.

Orlando doesn't have many gardens or botanical habitats, so it's not uncommon to have a ton of questions about what to expect when heading to Leu Gardens, including if it's worth your time and money!

Questions We'll Answer About Leu Gardens:

  • What Is Leu Gardens?
  • How Much Does Leu Gardens Cost?
  • How Big Is Leu Gardens?
  • What Are The Must-See Parts of Leu Gardens?
  • How Long Does It Take To See Leu Gardens?
  • Is Leu Gardens Worth It?
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions!

 Leu Gardens Entrance

What Is Leu Gardens?

Just outside of Downtown Orlando, Leu Gardens is a large botanical collection of flowers and plants situated alongside a beautiful lake. 

Leu Gardens focuses on plants that grow in a USDA Zone 9B environment. This means you'll mostly find plants that can tolerate hot climates, but not climates under 20 degrees. 

You'll see a lot more than palm trees at Leu Gardens, so just because these plants need to survive in hot climates doesn't mean you won't see a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. From roses to bamboo, herbs, and camellias - there's quite a bit of uniqueness in what you'll find at Leu Gardens.

Best of all, Leu Gardens is a picturesque and well-manicured lakeside location which makes for a beautiful stroll even if you aren't so interested in plants and flowers.

Leu Gardens Open Space Area

How Much Does Leu Gardens Cost?

At the time of this writing, Leu Gardens admission pricing is as follows:

  • Adult: $15
  • Child (3-17 years old): $10
  • Military: $10
  • Infant (under 3): Free

Members of Leu Gardens can also get in free after paying the initial membership fee which starts at $50. 

Leu Gardens also offers a handful of free admission days throughout the year! These free days are typically only once a month and are announced at the beginning of each quarter. 

Tropical Plants at Leu Gardens

How Big Is Leu Gardens?

Leu Gardens spans over 50 acres! For comparison, Magic Kingdom theme park is just over 100 acres in size. 

While the entire property is over 50 acres, you'll likely only explore about 30-40 acres or so during your visit using the walking paths.

What Are The Must-See Parts of Leu Gardens?

Leu Gardens has 11 major points of interest as seen on the map below!

However, if you're on a time crunch and looking just to spend time in some of the most popular areas then we've listed a few of our favorites that you shouldn't miss.

Leu Gardens Map

ROSE GARDEN: Leu Gardens is home to the largest rose garden in Florida which contains a massive variety of roses found across the country.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN: The Butterfly Garden is our favorite area in all of Leu Gardens. Home to dozens and dozens of butterflies, it's a great spot to enjoy the flowers and plants while also doing some butterfly spotting!

WHITE GARDEN: This area of Leu Gardens contains plants that bloom in white! When in bloom it's one of the most beautiful spots on the entire property.

CAMELLIAS: Camellias bloom from October through March and are incredibly beautiful during this period! If you'll be visiting Leu Garden during this time of year then this area is a can't miss - outside of October through March though then we'd say it's optional. Leu Gardens has the largest collection of Camellias on the east coast of North America!

Long Pathway at Leu Gardnes

How Long Does It Take To See Leu Gardens?

Leu Gardens recommends about 2 hours to explore most of their property, however, we find about 1.5 hours to be plenty of time. 

If you're a plant enthusiast however, and expect to spend a lot of time examining many of the unique plants and flowers throughout Leu Gardens, then definitely plan for more time. 

The casual visitor will likely only need 1.5 hours though. 

Lake View at Leu Gardens

Is Leu Gardens Worth It?

At just $15 for adult admission and $10 for children, Leu Gardens is one of the best deals in all of Orlando!

While Leu Gardens may not be as flashy or an all-day destination as Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, you can find yourself wandering around the gardens for hours - especially if you're a plant enthusiast.

Leu Gardens is a great way to escape into nature while still in a big city! We find ourselves coming back to Leu Gardens time and time again to explore and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. 

Children may not find Leu Gardens as entertaining as adults, so we tend to say the gardens are better for couples or families with older children. However, there is potential for your kids to enjoy running around in the open space and enjoying nature.

If you're considering a visit to Leu Gardens then we always recommend doing so at least once! 

Cool Tree at Leu Gardens

Other Frequently Asked Questions!


Parking at Leu Gardens is free, but limited! You may have to look for parking off of Leu Gardens property if their lot is full, which happens frequently on weekends.


Leu Gardens is open 364 days of the year from 9 AM to 5 PM with entry not being allowed past 4 PM.

Leu Gardens is closed on Christmas day, but open every other day of the year barring any major weather closures like for hurricanes!

Leu Gardens Parking Lot


Leu Gardens is usually well trafficked, but not overly crowded! This means you should expect to find a good amount of people exploring the same areas as you, but you won't need to worry about shoulder-to-shoulder crowds like at Walt Disney World!

In the afternoons and especially on weekdays Leu Gardens tends to be much less busy, so you may be able to enjoy some of the scenery by yourself!


A variety of private tours are available with different fees and minimum group sizes. 

You'll typically need at least a group of 10 people to book a tour and you can expect to pay around $200 for the 1.5-hour experience (in addition to your admission ticket), though this can vary depending on the specific tour you may like.



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