Ultimate Knott's Merry Farm Guide: Tips & Everything To Know

Knott's Merry Farm is a festive seasonal event occurring each year at Knott's Berry Farm.

With so many different holiday offerings at theme parks across Southern California, and so little time to enjoy them all, you'll need to know just what to expect before heading to Knott's Merry Farm! 

Our Knott's Merry Farm Guide will detail everything you need to know about the event including our review of if Knott's Merry Farm is worth visiting and some helpful tips to consider when planning a trip. 

Questions We'll Answer About Knott's Merry Farm

The Basics

  • When Is Knott's Merry Farm?
  • Where Is Knott's Merry Farm?
  • Do You Need A Separate Ticket For Knott's Merry Farm?
  • What Time Does Knott's Merry Farm Start?

Tips + Review

  • What Is There To Do At Knott's Merry Farm?
  • Is Knott's Merry Farm Worth It? 
  • How To Save Money On Knott's Merry Farm!


Snow and Glow at Knott's Merry Farm 

When Is Knott's Merry Farm?

Knott's Merry Farm typically begins in the middle of November and ends the first week of January after New Years Day. 

In 2022 Knott's Merry Farm will run from November 18th through January 8th 2023. 

This gives you about two months each year to experience Knott's Merry Farm!

Where Is Knott's Merry Farm?

Knott's Merry Farm is located throughout the Knott's Berry Farm theme park. 

The event takes place in all corners of the park which you'll find decked out in Christmas decorations and festive cheer. 

Knott's Merry Farm Christmas Tree

Along with tons of Christmas decorations you'll also find multiple experiences which only occur during Knott's Merry Farm. 

These experiences include the Home For The Holidays show, the Christmas Crafts Village and more which we'll detail later on in this guide! 

Just about everywhere you look at Knott's Berry Farm will be transformed into Knott's Merry Farm!

Do You Need A Separate Ticket For Knott's Merry Farm?

You do not need a separate ticket for Knott's Merry Farm!

Unlike Knott's Scary Farm, Knott's Merry Farm is included with each ticket purchase. 

TIP: You can save $5+ per person by purchasing your Knott's Merry Farm tickets online from a authorized discounted ticket seller like Theme Park Center.

What Time Does Knott's Merry Farm Start?

The Knott's Merry Farm festivities kick off right when Knott's Berry Farm opens each day and continues all day! 

Knott's Berry Farm typically opens at 10AM on the weekdays and 9AM on weekends and during holiday weeks (like the week of Christmas). 

Snoopy On Ice

While the Knott's Merry Farm festivities continue throughout the entire day, certain experiences like the Home For The Holidays show occurs at different scheduled times each day.

Be sure to double check the showtimes when you arrive at the park!

The same goes with character meet and greet experiences - you'll want to see what times your favorite characters will be out and about when you arrive at the park as these schedules tend to change each day. 

Family Meeting Characters Dressed in Victorian Clothing

Many time character schedules aren't set until the day of! 

What Is There To Do At Knott's Merry Farm?

All of the usual rides open any other time of year at Knott's Berry Farm will be open during Knott's Merry Farm.

This means you won't have to worry about missing out on some popular favorites like Xcelerator, Ghost Rider and Knott's Bear-y Tales.  

But what truly sets Knott's Merry Farm apart are the limited time attractions which include: 

  • Home For The Holidays 
  • Christmas Crafts Village
  • Snow and Glow
  • Santa's Christmas Cabin
  • Nightly Christmas Tree Lighting 

Home For The Holidays is a popular show featuring your favorite Christmas songs, dance performances and of course... snow! 

People Dancing During The Home For The Holidays Show

The Christmas Crafts Village is a giant shopping area with Knott's Merry Farm and Christmas themed souvenirs, as well as the opportunity to purchase holiday souvenirs from local Southern California vendors. 

Of course not Christmas is complete without the opportunity to meet and take a picture with Santa Claus himself which you can do at Santa's Christmas Cabin

"Santa's Christmas Cabin" Sign

You'll also be able to experience snow in Southern California set amongst thousands of glowing lights during Snow and Glow which takes place in the decked out Ghost Town section of the park. 

And finally, each night Knott's Merry Farm lights up their Christmas tree in dazzling fashion to celebrate the season.

Is Knott's Merry Farm Worth It?

Knott's Merry Farm is going to be one of the most popular times of year to visit Knott's Berry Farm, but it's absolutely our favorite time of year at the park. 

The Christmas lights, decorations and festivities throughout the Knott's makes for even more to do and see than any other time of year. 

The fact that Knott's Merry Farm is included in the price of a normal Knott's Berry Farm ticket makes going to Merry Farm absolutely worth it.

Knott's Merry Farm only adds to and amplifies a trip to Knott's Berry Farm, so we can't recommend visiting during this time of year enough! 

How To Save Money On Knott's Merry Farm

The best way to save money on Knott's Merry Farm is by purchasing your tickets online from an authorized discount ticket seller like Theme Park Center. 

Purchasing your tickets from an authorized ticket seller can at times ave you $10+ per person! 

Knott's Berry Farm uses dynamic pricing which means ticket prices can be different from one to the next. 

You can also consider purchasing your tickets for Knott's Merry Farm on weekdays which will save you some money as opposed to the weekends.

Early December will also be substantially cheaper than the days leading up to and around Thanksgiving and Christmas, which will have some of the most expensive ticket prices of the year! 


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