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Knott's Berry Farm Lockers Guide | Tips & Everything To Know

With so many rollercoasters and thrill rides at Knott's Berry Farm, renting a locker to store your valuables is a wise choice to avoid losing anything when you find yourself hanging upside down!

Our Knott's Berry Farm Locker Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about renting a locker at the park!

Questions We'll Answer About Lockers At Knott's Berry Farm:

  • Where Are Knott's Berry Farm's Lockers?
  • How Much Do Lockers Cost?
  • What Size Lockers Are At Knott's Berry Farm?
  • Locker Discounts & Deals 

Locker Sign

Where Are Knott's Berry Farm's Lockers?

Yes! Knott's Berry Farm has lockers located in just one area of the park across from the Ghost Rider attraction in the Ghost Town section of the park. 

If you're entering the park from the main entrance you're going to want to make an immediate left turn into Ghost Town and follow the signs for Ghost Rider (the huge wooden roller coaster). You'll shortly start seeing signs for Locker Rentals as well!

Knott's Berry Farm Locker Locations On A Map

The lockers at Knott's Berry Farm are located in the area marked by a black box in the map above.

Note that this is the only area where lockers are available at Knott's Berry Farm, so if you plan to use a locker we recommend heading here first before you get too far away from them. 

Once you arrive at the locker rental area you'll see freestanding machines where you can pay for and select your desired locker size.

Remember, Knott's Berry Farm is cashless, so you'll need to have a credit card with you or use one of their cash-to-card transfer machines in order to rent a locker.


Knott's Berry Farm Locker Area

What Size Lockers Are At Knott's Berry Farm?

Lockers come in three sizes at Knott's Berry Farm:

  1. Standard: 12" x 10" x 17"
  2. Large: 15.5" x 13" x 17"
  3. Jumbo: 17" x 22" x 26" 

Knott's Berry Farm doesn't publish the official measurements of these lockers, but when we visited and took a look at the lockers we estimated the measurements to be about the following:

Rows of Lockers at Knott's Berry Farm

How Much Do Lockers Cost?

Locker prices at Knott's Berry Farm vary depending on the size of the locker you're renting.

Prices are per day and there is no option to rent lockers on an hourly basis for a lower rate.

  • Standard: $15 per day
  • Large: $20 per day
  • Jumbo: $25 per day
  • Seasonal Rental: $170 (includes locker access every day of the year for Platinum and Gold pass holders)

As with everywhere else at Knott's, credit or debit cards are the only accepted payment for lockers. You may also use one of the cash-to-card machines to convert your cash to a payment card which can be used at the locker station.

Knott's Berry Farm Locker Rental Self-Service Machine

Lockers Can Be Used For an Entire Season For An Additional Cost

For Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass Holders (Gold and/or Prestige), an All Season Locker Rental perk can be added to their pass at an additional cost.

knotts berry farm season pass

Season Pass Holders can redeem 1 standard-sized locker at either Knott's Berry Farm or Knott's Soak City during every visit.

Similarly to regular daily lockers, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


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