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Is Uber in Spain? | Easily Explained

As soon as you land in Spain and walk out of the airport, Taxis are a common sight.

But what about Ride Sharing Services like Uber?

In this page, we will explain whether or not Uber is in Spain, and what other Ride Sharing Services are available.

Is Uber in Spain?

Uber can be found in Spain, however it's not available in all of their cities. Uber is mainly used everywhere in the city of Madrid, but can be found in some parts of Barcelona.

madrid skyline

In Madrid, we were able to use Uber from the moment that we got out of the airport, through the downtown of the city, and even the outskirts of the city.

However, we did not have the same luck in Barcelona, as Uber was only available in some parts of the city (mainly downtown), as Taxis were more common.

barcelona, spain skyline

Should I Take an Uber or a Taxi in Spain?

You'll absolutely want to take an Uber over a Taxi for one main reason, reputation.

Taxi drivers (in Madrid specifically) in Spain don't have the best reputation, and we can confirm this.

The Taxi drivers weren't necessarily the most friendly and it was almost a hassle for them to get somewhere, if they didn't know exactly where the address was located.

Even something simple such as saying:

Thank you for picking us up, how are you?

(in Spanish) would result in the driver completely ignoring us.

Additionally they're not afraid to lay on the horn if there's a tourist driving in front of them.

Speaking to a few locals seemed to confirm that all of this was normal behavior for them.

Anyways, our Uber experience was the complete opposite, as the drivers were extremely friendly and were happy to take us to our destination.

uber in spain order

Is Lyft in Spain?

Lyft isn't available in Spain just yet, which makes your best alternative option taking an Uber.

Has Uber Always Been in Barcelona?

In 2019, Uber suspended its services in Barcelona for two years.

Uber would cite 'Incompatible rules' that they needed to follow in the city, that did not align with user needs.

However in March of 201, Uber would return to Barcelona once again.

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