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Camp Nou Stadium Tour: Everything You Need to Know

Camp Nou is known as one of the most popular stadiums in the world.

During our 6 days in Spain, this was on our must-do list, and it absolutely delivered.

In this page, we will explain everything that visitors will see during the Camp Nou Stadium tour, and what we recommend opting out of.

camp nou stadium

Buy Tickets Ahead of Time

Before showing up to the Camp Nou Stadium Tour, you'll want to ensure that you've purchased your tickets ahead of time.

In fact, while we were in line waiting to enter the building for the tour, multiple staff members came up to ask if we had already purchased tickets.

line for camp nou stadium tour

For those in line who had yet to buy tickets, they were directed to purchase them online from the official Barcelona website.

Children under 4 years of age are able to enter the tour for free.

Types of Tickets

There are 7 types of different tickets available, ranging from the Basic tour, all the way through a Players Experience tour.

The Basic tour will provide you access to the Barca Museum, tour of the stadium, and a digital memory of your visit.

Every tour in a higher tier than this will provide you additional perks that can include:

  • Exclusive visit to Barca changing room
  • Immersion in the Press room
  • Access to the pitch
  • 3 shots vs the Robo Keeper
  • Free shirt customization
  • A special Barca gift

It ultimately depends on what is most interesting to you, but it's important to know that you will still see all of the most important views offered with the Basic Tour.

We ended up going one tier up and choosing the Stadium Tour Plus & Sport.

Finding the Tour

camp nou stadium tour

There will be dozens of Stadium Tour signs found all around the stadium that you can follow to get to the tour.

You'll want to arrive 30 minutes early to avoid waiting in long lines just to get inside.

Entering the Tour

Once you enter the building, you'll be asked to show your confirmation email for your tickets.

You'll simply walk to the desk and show it to the staff member.

Once they've verified your confirmation, you'll receive a phone and headphones for the tour.

camp nou tour phone and headphones

Each section of the museum part of the tour has a specific number.

You'll simply enter this number in the provided phone, and there will be an audio guide explaining everything about the specific area that you entered.

This was a nice perk to have but was not necessary, as each section also had description that visitors could read themselves.

Beginning the Tour

You'll then be directed to climb a flight of stairs, and the first major part of the tour will be the Museum tour.

camp nou museum tour

This was one of our favorite parts of the tour as there was so much information and history to digest.

Seemingly on every wall there are dozens of the most prestigious trophies won by the club through the years.

trophies camp nou tour

Each different section will explain what the exact situation of the team was at that time, what they accomplished, and how they accomplished it.

It doesn't stop there however, as alongside the trophies there are videos playing in endless loops that show the pivotal moment of when these trophies were won.

trophies at camp nou

This tour does a great job providing visitors with a great perspective of how important this moment was at the time, to the fans and players.

These videos found all over the museum show the important event occurring, and the reactions of commentators, players, and fans afterwards.

2016 barcelona champion

They also display cleats from the different eras, and you'll quickly wonder how they were able to play such a high level of football in such low quality cleats. 

A big highlight of the tour is Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport, who spent the majority of his club career with Barcelona.

lionel messi ballon d'or

Messi would win an absurd number of team championships/trophies, as well as individual ones.

This part of the tour alone will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Second Part of the Tour

The next part of the tour will take you to what you've been waiting for, the view of the stadium from the higher portion of the stadium.

camp nou stadium view

Seeing this stadium full on TV is one thing, but seeing how massive the stadium is in person, and how well-kept the grass is, is another.

An underrated part of this tour is that there's no specific time limit for any part of the tour.

If you want to sit in the stands and admire the field for a while, you absolutely can.

In fact, most visitors will take pictures from the stands, and then sit down and admire the stadium as a whole for several minutes before moving on.

Get to See the Field

After this, you'll take a flight of stairs down to make your way to the field.

On the way to the field, you'll pass several rooms used by the team including the press conference room, locker room, and even a small prayer room that is used by the players, moments before entering the pitch.

 press conference room barcelona

prayer room barcelona stadium

You won't actually be able to get on the field itself, as it's closed off, but you'll be able to get to the bench area and take pictures from there.

camp nou stadium tour on field

After this, you'll be pointed towards a movie theatre type of room, where all of Barcelona FC's biggest moments through the years are played in a dark room with giants screens.

This genuinely felt like a walk through a time machine, as you can see the club's greatest players show up in the biggest of moments, and make spectacular plays.

This will mark the end of the tour, as after this you'll end up at the club's gift shop, which is a massive three story building.

Overall this was the most impressive stadium tour that we've ever experienced, due to the combination of the club's rich history as well as how detailed the tour was.

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