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Is There Wifi At Universal Studios? | Tips & Guide For Every Park

Wifi is available everywhere these days from supermarkets to airplanes, which begs the question of if Universal Studios also offers wifi.

In this guide we'll dive into everything you should know about wifi at Universal Studios and what you should expect in terms of wifi service while at the parks!

Questions We'll Answer About Wifi At Universal Studios:

  • Is There Wifi at Universal Orlando? (Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay)
  • Is There Wifi at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Tips For Using Wifi at Universal Studios

 Universal Orlando Free Wifi Sign

Is There Wifi at Universal Orlando? 

Yes! Wifi is currently available at all Universal Orlando Resort theme parks.

This includes Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay.

You'll also be able to connect to wifi while at CityWalk on your way into either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. 

Universal Studios Wifi

Connectivity is quite strong throughout Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and CityWalk. While signal strength isn't bad at Volcano Bay, it's the only Universal park where we've had some wifi challenges.

Overall, you should have no problem doing some web surfing, email sending and even some light video streaming using the wifi at an of the Universal Orlando theme parks! 

Is There Wifi at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Wifi is also available at Universal Studios Hollywod! 

Universal CityWalk Hollywood also has wifi available throughout, though you might have some spotty connection in the parking garages and outskirts. 

Overall, wifi is strong at Universal Studios Hollywood and you'll have minimal issues doing any sort of web surfing and basic video streaming.  

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

Tips For Using Wifi at Universal Studios

One of the biggest challenges with wifi at Universal Studios is that you will need to be a Comcast subscriber to sign in, or you will need to register as a guest. 

This will require you to input your email address and other personal information to use the wifi at Universal parks.

Pay attention carefully when doing this and uncheck the box asking if you'd like to receive promotional emails from Comcast - if you don't do this be prepared to start getting marketing emails send to you inbox!

Universal Wifi Terms and Conditions

We also don't recommend connecting to the wifi until you've made your way deep into CityWalk or one of the theme parks.

The parking garages have quite a bit less connectivity than the rest of the Universal property, so connected as soon as you park your car might be a hassle.

Even if you do manage to connect, you could very likely walk through an area without wifi service which will disconnect you from the wifi.

You'll have to reconnect if this happens, which may require you to input your personal information again which can be quite cumbersome and frustrating when trying to navigate into the parks. 



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