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Is Knott's Berry Farm Free For the Military?

Military Service members who are Active, Retired, and Veteran, are able to receive discounts to most theme parks including Knott's.

But is Knott's Berry Farm free for Military members?

In this page, we will explain.

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Is Knott's Berry Farm Free For the Military?

Knott's Berry Farm does not offer free admission to military members, however they do offer discounted tickets year-round. They also hold 'Military Tribute Days' typically around November/December where military members are able to purchase tickets for themselves and up to five guests, for a fraction of the normal price.

Discounted Year-Round Tickets

Military members are able to purchase discounted tickets directly from the Knott's Berry Farm site throughout the entire year. 

On average, military members will save around $5 per ticket.

knotts military admission

Price Changes Per Day

Something to be aware of is that Knott's prices are not the same price every day of the year.

In fact, prices are different per day.

In general, the weekends are more expensive, and the weekdays are less expensive.

Military Tribute Days

Knott's will typically hold Military Tribute Days near the end of the year to honor our service members. 


For a period of around 2 weeks, Knott's Tickets will be offered to military members for a fraction of the normal admission price.

Active, Retired, and Veteran U.S. Military Personnel may receive discounted admission to Knott's Berry Farm for themselves and up to 5 guests.

These tickets can be purchased directly from the Knott's site, as well as in person at the ticket booths before the front gate.

It's important to know that the military member must be present to show ID in order to receive these discounted tickets.