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How Big Is Universal Studios Hollywood? | Numbers & Fun Facts

With dozens of attractions, a full working movie studio and a world class entertainment complex, you might be wondering just how big is Universal Studios Hollywood. 

In this article we'll share just how big Universal Studios Hollywood is along with some fun facts about the property and some insight into how the space has changed over the years! 

Questions We'll Answer About Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • How big is Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • How big is Universal CityWalk Hollywood?
  • How big is the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot?


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    How big is Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Universal Studios Hollywood spans approximately 415 acres in size. 

    The 415 acres includes Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, the backlot and all production related facilities, CityWalk and employee/maintenance areas.

    415 acres may seem huge, but only around 80 acres of Universal Studios Hollywood theme park is actually accessible to park guests.

    The other 300+ acres make up CityWalk as well as the studio backlot which is only accessible to park guests via the World Famous Studio Tour attraction. Universal Studios Hollywood is deceptively large with so much of the property actually being a working facility and not a tourist attraction!

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    How big is Universal CityWalk Hollywood?

    Universal CityWalk Hollywood spans just around 4 acres which is home to over 30 different restaurants and shops. 

    In comparison, Universal CityWalk Florida is 30 acres and nearly 40 different restaurants and shops. CityWalk Hollywood certainly packs a lot of experiences in a much smaller space which means less walking! 

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    How big is the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot?

    The Universal Studios Hollywood backlot where some of the most memorable and iconic movies in the world were filmed spans over 300 acres. 

    With the backlot spanning over 300 acres this means that 75% of Universal Studios Hollywood is reserved for film, television and commercial production!

    This includes over 25 different stages, dozens of sets, a massive water tank and even a recreated plane crash! 

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    When the land was originally purchased for Universal Studios Hollywood in 1915 (originally just known as Universal City) all 400+ acres were dedicated to movie production, housing and other commercial purposes tied to the movie industry.

    The idea to convert some of the land into a theme park didn't occur until the 1960's and Universal Studios Hollywood would open its doors as a theme park in 1964, though tours of the studio were offered for as little as 5 cents back in 1915!

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