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Halloween Horror Nights California Resident Deal Guide | Tips & FAQ

Universal Studios offers discounts on all sorts of tickets and annual passes for residents of California throughout the year, but these discounts are a bit harder to for the extremely popular Halloween Horror Nights.

Our Halloween Horror Nights California Resident Deal Guide details all of the discounts available to residents of California on HHN tickets, as well as our assessment of where to find the best deals!

Questions We'll Answer About Halloween Horror Nights Deals For California Residents:

  • Are Halloween Horror Nights Discounts Offered For California Residents?
  • What Are The Best Halloween Horror Nights Deals For California Residents?

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Are Halloween Horror Nights Discounts Offered For California Residents?

Unfortunately, there are no Halloween Horror Nights discounts offered just for being a resident of California, or even Los Angeles county for that matter.

However, there are a handful of discounts and deals are available on Halloween Horror Nights tickets that anyone regardless of what state they live-in can use!

While most of these deals aren't specific to residents of California, living in California makes them easier to access because of where these discounted tickets and passes are sold. 

Below we've listed some of the most popular deals available to California Residents on Halloween Horror Nights tickets. 

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Another way to save money on Halloween Horror Nights is through a coupon that comes with specially marked cans and bottles of Coke.

From September through October each year, Coke would release specially marked cans and bottles of Coke products with Halloween Horror Nights branding.

These cans had coupon codes printed on them which would get you $20 off Halloween Horror Nights tickets!

Similar to the Publix deals, we don't see the Coke coupon every year during Halloween Horror Nights, and it's been even longer since we've seen this Coke promotion being run.

Universal has yet to announce if the Coke partnership has ended so we're optimistic we'll see this deal in the future as it was an easy way to save $20 off a Halloween Horror Nights ticket!

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Frequent Fear Passes are a great value for anyone who plans on going to Halloween Horror Nights multiple times throughout the season.

Previously available at both Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, the Frequent Fear Pass has become a special discounted admission only available in California!

The Frequent Fear Pass and Unlimited Fear Pass offer multiple visits to Halloween Horror Nights as well as a ton of other perks including free regular parking.

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Some of the best deals on Halloween Horror Nights tickets are actually offered to Universal Studios Hollywood annual passholders.

Annual passholders are able to buy a limited amount of tickets for themselves, as well as friends and family each year with some of the cheapest prices available!

Discounts range anywhere from $5 off to over $15 off on select Halloween Horror Nights days, all of which can be seen on this pass member discounts page after entering in your pass member ID number.

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The most consistent way to get a discounted Halloween Horror Nights ticket over the years is through an Authorized Universal Studios Ticket Seller.

Authorized Ticket Sellers are companies that have been approved by Universal Studios to sell general admission and Halloween Horror Nights tickets on Universal's behalf.  

However, there are plenty of other Authorized Ticket Sellers who sell Halloween Horror Nights tickets nearly every year!

Some popular discounted ticket sellers include:

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What Are The Best Halloween Horror Nights Deals For California Residents?

The best deals on Halloween Horror Nights tickets are going to be from Authorized Discount Ticket Sellers online or with a passholder discount.

Passholder discounts are typically going to be the overall best deal on Halloween Horror Nights tickets, but you're either going to need to be a passholder yourself or have a family member/friend who is one. 

Passholder discounted tickets will likely be the best price you can find on HHN tickets.

It's also worth comparing prices from an Authorized Discount Ticket seller (like us at Theme Park Center) to see if you might be able to get a better deal.

If you don't have any passholder discounts available then we recommend heading straight to an Authorized Discount Ticket seller.



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