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Epcot and Hollywood Studios in One Day | Is it Possible?

In this page, we will cover whether or not it is possible to visit EPCOT and Hollywood Studios in one day, what steps to consider to decide, along with our best tips.

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Important Steps to Take Before Deciding

If you're attempting to visit any Disney theme park in only 1 day, you will have to be okay with sacrificing some rides and/or experiences. Many guests take several days to visit all of the different Disney parks, and some guests will even stay an entire week! The most important thing that you can do is plan ahead.

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See What Day is Historically Slower

A Disney Crowd Calendar is one of the most useful tools that you can use. It will be able to tell you whether the park will be busy or slow every day of every month of the current year.

The way it works is the crowd calendar will use historical data from past years, and make an estimate on whether that day will be busy, average or slow. Due to all of the data that they've accumulated, this crowd calendar is very accurate.

Visiting the park at slower times is imperative if you only have 1 day to visit.

Know Our Best Tips

For both parks, you'll want to know the park layout to better understand how you should go about your visit.

For EPCOT, the park is split into two different parts, Future World and World Showcase.

For Hollywood Studios, the park is split into 8 sections!

There are also certain sections that you should visit first. For EPCOT, guests should visit the World Showcase first as they'll be able to deal with minimal crowds and have a better experience overall.

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For Hollywood Studios, guests will want to visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge first. We'd recommend starting from the back of the park and work your way towards the front, as you spend your day at the park.

As most guests enter the park, they tend to hand around the front and work towards the back as they go through their day. You'd essentially be going in reverse, and it'll allow you to avoid a most of the larger crowd.

Decide What Your Must-Do Rides Are

Deciding what are the rides that you absolutely can't miss is a big step, as you'll be able to plan around those rides.

You should also keep in mind which rides have the longest lines at Hollywood Studios. If the ride that you want to visit is on that list, you'll want to visit those rides first.

If you know one or two rides that you want to ride, but don't know the rest of the options, we've made a guide detailing what the best rides at EPCOT are.

Know About Disney Genie + and Lightning Lane

Disney Genie + is an upgrade that costs $15 that allows riders to skip the regular line and access to the 'Lightning Lane' entrance. This is essentially the new fast pass.

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Lightning Lane selections must be made on the same day of your visit and can be used across several theme parks, which is extremely convenient for those with the Park Hopper options.

Again, on a 1 day visit this can come in extremely handy, as guests will not have to deal with waiting in long lines.