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Does Universal Studios Hollywood Have a Water Park? | Explained

Universal Studios Hollywood offers dozens of amazing experiences, but does it have a water park?

In this page, we'll cover whether Universal Studios Hollywood has a water park or not.

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Does Universal Studios Hollywood Have a Water Park?

Contrary to popular belief, Universal Studios Hollywood does not have a water park. It is actually Universal Orlando Resort that has a water park known as Volcano Bay. Although it doesn't have a water park, USH does have several rides and shows where visitors will get wet including: WaterWorld & Jurassic World.

volcano bay universal orlando water slide

Shows & Rides Where Visitors May Get Wet


This thrilling show is a water-based show where visitors will see explosions, performers riding jet skis, and even splashing the audience using their jet skis. 

Don't keep your guard down as the performers may just surprise you by throwing buckets filled with water towards the seats.

waterworld universal studios hollywood

Visitors will see:

  • Jumping jet-skiers
  • Perilous plunges
  • Firefights
  • Massive explosions
  • And an in-your-face plane crash you need to see to believe.

Jurassic World: The Ride

Towards the end of this ride, there are two massive drops where visitors will receive a first-row experience of getting drenched.

jurassic world universal studios hollywood

Visitors will come face to face with the Indominus Rex before she decides to follow you around the jungle.

When eventually her nemesis, the Tyrannsaurus Rex decides to join in on the fun, visitors have a front row seat to a battle that will have them on the edge of their seat.