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How Much is a Carowinds Souvenir Cup? | Explained

Souvenir Cups are one of the most underrated ways to stay cool at Carowinds.

In this page, we will explain how much the Souvenir Cups at Carowinds cost, what the cup allows you to do, the differences between cup and drink wristband, and where you can buy them.

    How Much is a Carowinds Souvenir Cup?

    Both a Carowinds Souvenir cup and a Drink Wristband will typically cost just around $20, when you include taxes and fees.

    Both the Souvenir cup and Drink Wristband can be purchased directly from the Carowinds site.

    carowinds souvenir cup

    Souvenir cups and Drink Wristbands aren't the same thing, and we cover the main differences, as well as how to choose which one will be better for you.

    How Does a Souvenir Cup Work?

    Once you purchase a Souvenir cup at Carowinds, you'll receive a colored Souvenir bottle.

    This bottle allows you to have unlimited refills on the day that you are visiting (and have purchased the bottle).

    The only rule to this is that you must wait 15 minutes after your cup is refilled, for your next refill.

    If you return to visit the park during the same season which you bought the Souvenir bottle, you can still use the same bottle, however it won't be free.

    For simply $5, you'll be able to use your same Souvenir bottle to have refills for that entire day of your visit.

    How Does a Drink Wristband Work?

    When you purchase a Drink wristband, you'll receive a colored wristband that you'll wear during your visit, and can only be used for that day.

    This wristband allows you to get unlimited refills, however the staff will hand you a paper/disposable cup every time that you ask for a refill.

    Just like the Souvenir bottle, you must wait 15 minutes after your cup is refilled, for your next refill.

    Souvenir Bottle or Drink Wristband?

    Due to both items costing the same price, many visitors often wonder if they should purchase a Souvenir bottle or a Drink wristband.

    When to Get a Souvenir Bottle

    • If you don't mind carrying a Souvenir bottle throughout the day (may have to store this in lockers for rides, or have someone else hold it for you)
    • If you want to get a larger quantity of drink during your refill (Souvenir bottles are larger)
    • If you plan on returning to the park during the same season.

    When to Get a Drink Wristband

    • If you'd rather be 'lightweight' and carry the least amount of items as possible.
    • If you don't need large amounts of liquid to quench your thirst
    • If you don't plan on returning to the park for another visit during that season (Drink wristband is only valid for the day of your visit).

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