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Can You See Fireworks From Steakhouse 71? | Viewing Locations Explained

Steakhouse 71 is located at the Contemporary Resort which is famous for its unbelievable fireworks viewing locations at restaurants like California Grill.

In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about watching the fireworks when dining at Steakhouse 71!

Questions We'll Answer About Seeing The Fireworks From Steakhouse 71:

  • Can You See Fireworks From Steakhouse 71?
  • How To See The Fireworks When Dining at Steakhouse 71!


Steakhouse 71 Entrance

Can You See Fireworks From Steakhouse 71?

Steakhouse 71 is located on the ground floor of the Contemporary Resort and doesn't have any windows, so unfortunately you will not be able to see fireworks while dining.

However, that doesn't mean you can't plan to see the fireworks before or after your meal at Steakhouse 71.

Steakhouse 71 Bar Area

The Contemporary Resort is right across the street from the Magic Kingdom, so there are plenty of other opportunities to see the fireworks even if not while sitting down for dinner at Steakhouse 71. 

If you're discouraged about making that Steakhouse 71 reservation after reading that you won't be able to see the fireworks from the restaurant, keep in mind you still have one of the best viewpoints outside of Magic Kingdom while on Contemporary Resort property.  

How To See The Fireworks When Dining at Steakhouse 71!

Fireworks can be seen by taking just a short 3-minute walk around the corner from Steakhouse 71. 

As you leave Steakhouse 71 and head towards the lobby of the Contemporary Resort, you'll see a pair of sliding glass doors on your left, just passed the bathrooms. 

Walkway to see Fireworks from Steakhouse 71

Once you walk through the pair of sliding glass doors take an immediate lefthand turn down a covered walkway. 

If you're getting closer to the Contemporary's pool then you're going the wrong way! 

You'll know you're heading the right way if you see signs for the Bay Lake Tower DVC Resort.

This may be a bit unexpected, but you've arrived at the right location when you reach the parking lot in front of Bay Lake Tower.

Bay Lake Tower Firework Viewing Path

From here you'll be able to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks with a really good view, but feel free to get a bit closer to the Magic Kingdom as well if time allows! 

Another alternative firework viewing spot is on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. 

Head to the lobby elevators after dining at Steakhouse 51 and ride the elevator up to the 4th floor where the Fantasia Gift Shop, Contempo Cafe, and Chef Mickey's are located!

You'll want to head away from Chef Mickey's past the Fantasia Gift Shop towards Bay Lake Tower and the huge glass window at the end of the Contemporary. 

Once you arrive at the end of the building you'll see a few "Exit" doors which will lead you right out to an observation deck overlooking Magic Kingdom. 

From here you'll get a great view of the fireworks as well, but keep in mind this spot tends to get very busy being an elevated location to watch the fireworks from! 



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