Can You Eat at EPCOT Without a Ticket? | Easily Explained

Disney parks offer some of the best food and unique dining experiences in the entire city, which makes many guests wonder if you can eat at the theme parks without a ticket.

In this page we will explain if you can eat at EPCOT without a ticket.

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Can You Eat at EPCOT Without a Ticket?

Unfortunately you cannot eat at EPCOT unless you have an admission ticket, in order to enter the theme park. However, you are able to eat at Disney resort without actually staying there. You'll simply need to make a reservation ahead of time, in order to be allowed to park at the resort as well.

can you eat at epcot without a park ticket

If you have park hopper tickets, you'll want to ensure that the day that you plan to eat at Epcot is your Epcot day.

Similarly, the day that you want to eat at another Disney park is when you you should plan to visit that park.

Visitors aren't allowed to eat at any Disney theme park without an admission ticket, except for Animal Kingdom in the Rainforest Café.

What About in Animal Kingdom?

Visitors are able to eat at the Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom without a park ticket, as this restaurant has two entrances. 

There's one entrance located right in front of Animal Kingdom, and the other entrance where visitors can enter from the park.

However, once you're in the Rainforest Café, and you want to enter Animal Kingdom, you'll need an admission ticket to enter the park.

animal kingdom park

Dining at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is one of the most popular places to go for visitors, as it is free to enter (parking is free as well), and no park admission is needed.

Disney Springs is a 120 acre old-fashioned district that is designed for guests of all ages to walk around and have unique experiences. There are shows, a theatre, a bowling alley, plenty of restaurants, the famous House of Blues, water tour and a train ride for the kiddos.

Eating Recommendation

Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' is by far our favorite restaurant where they offer a mouth-watering fried chicken sandwich, Church Lady Deviled Eggs and Thigh High Chicken Biscuits.