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Can You Buy Knott's Tickets at the Gate? | Explained

There are several ways to purchase Knott's Berry Farm tickets, and there are pros and cons to each one.

In this page, we will cover those different types of ways to purchase tickets, including if you can buy Knott's tickets at the gate, as well as what you can expect from each method.

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Can You Buy Knott's Tickets at the Gate?

You can absolutely purchase Knott's tickets at the gate when you arrive. You'll simply walk up to the entrance and head towards the Admission Ticket Window, and wait in line to purchase your ticket. After you purchase your ticket, you can head towards the gate and have your ticket scanned to enter the park.

knotts ticket booth

Visitors can purchase both daily passes as well as season passes at the gate.

Perks of Buying at the Gate

If you are unsure what the different type of tickets offered are, what they mean, and which one would be best for you....

The park attendant at the ticket window will be more than happy to answer your questions, and help you make a well informed decision.

Purchasing Online

You're also able to purchase online from two different places, directly from the Knott's Berry farm site, or from an authorized theme park ticket reseller.

knotts berry farm boardwalk

Knott's Berry Farm Site

When you purchase directly from the Knott's Berry Farm Site, it's an identical experience as it is buying it at the ticket window, however you won't have the live interaction to have your questions answered.

Additionally, Knott's offers a very useful Frequently Asked Questions page where most of the common questions are answered.

Theme Park Center

Theme Park Center (also known as us) is an authorized theme park ticket reseller that guarantees authentic tickets, and our prices will always be cheaper than the gate.

And there’s no catch.

knotts berry farm hangtime

Some online ticket retailers require you to take time out of your vacation and sit through a lengthy timeshare tour or drive out of your way to their offices to pickup your tickets. That’s no way to spend a vacation. We provide you the best prices instantly and hassle free.

You'll simply receive your purchased tickets within seconds to the email address that you provided, exactly as you would directly from the park.

Perks of Purchasing Online

Purchasing online requires a little research to figure out which ticket will be right for you, which will save you a lot of time.

When you purchase online, you can start your day with skipping a line completely.

Rather than waiting for what can seem like an eternity during the busier days to purchase your ticket, you can head directly to the gate and scan your ticket to enter the park.

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