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Californias's Great America Fast Lane Pass: All You Need to Know

A Fast Lane pass is the most popular add-on used at the Great America park.

In this guide, we'll explain what Great America's Fast Lane pass is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, when to buy them, when not to buy them, and where you can buy them.


A Fast Lane pass at California's Great America gives one rider access to a separate line, where riders can get to the front of the line much quicker than regular lines (for select rides).

californias great america fast lane pass

Once a Fast Lane pass has been purchased, riders will be given a wristband that will signify to park staff, that you have access to the Fast Lane line.

Throughout the line, there will be various checkpoints where you will need to show your wristband to park staff, and ride operators.

These checkpoints are normally at the beginning of the line and ride before boarding the ride.

Included Rides

There are a total of 17 rides that are included with the Great America Fast Lane pass.

californias great america riders
  1. Railblazer
  2. Gold Striker
  3. Flight Deck
  4. Demon
  5. Drop Tower
  6. Patriot
  7. Delta Flyer
  8. Eagles Flight
  9. Psycho Mouse
  10. Rip Roarin' Rapids
  11. Rue Le Dodge
  12. Tiki Twirl
  13. The Grizzly
  14. Flying Eagles
  15. Delirium
  16. Celebration Swings
  17. Barney Oldfield Speedway

    Daily Price Changes

    Prices aren't the same for each day and are typically more expensive on the weekends.

    californias great america fast lane calendar

    Fast Lane passes can be up to $20 more on the weekends than on the weekdays.

    You'll want to click through the Fast Lane Calendar to see the different pricing options available.

    Is it Included With Admission?

    No. A Fast Lane pass is an additional cost and visitors will still need a California's Great America ticket to access the park.

    In short, you are not able to use a Fast Lane pass without an admission ticket.


    For Season Pass holders, there are two types of Season Pass Fast Lanes available.

    1. California's Great America All Season Pass Fast Lane
    2. California's Great America Platinum All Season Pass Fast Lane Plus 
    californias great america all season fast lane

    The All Season Pass Fast Lane provides you with everything that you can do with a Fast Lane pass, however, it will last the entire season.

    californias great america platinum all season fast lane plus

    The Platinum All Season Fast Lane Plus allows you access to skip ride lines at all Cedar Fair parks.

    Throughout an entire season, that equals out to countless hours saved.


    Skip Waiting in Lines

    visitors walking at californias great america

    If you're not a fan of waiting in lines and are looking to ride the most rides possible in the shortest period, a Fast Lane pass will be a great fit for you.

    Traveling With Kids

    One of the most difficult parts of being at a theme park with kids is having to stand in lines.

    Most kids don't have the patience to stand in lines, and honestly, it just isn't very fun to stand around in general.

    You can prevent (or at the least minimize) this situation, with a Fast Lane pass.


    If you don't mind waiting in lines, then a Fast Lane pass may not be the best investment for you.

    Weekday Visit During the Slow Season

    If you're visiting on a weekday (Monday-Wednesday) during the slow season, there's a good chance that you may not even need this pass due to the lack of crowds (and lines).

    It won't make sense to get a Fast Lane pass if there's no line to wait in during the slower days.

    Where to Purchase a Fast Lane Pass

    You can purchase a Fast Lane pass directly from California's Great America site, or in person at the park.

    If you've purchased them online, you can redeem them at the Customer Service desk, located on your right-hand side after walking through the entrance.

    guest services californias great america


    Fast Lane passes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    During the busier season, Fast Passes can often run out as they are extremely popular.