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Best Time to Go to Gatorland | Easily Explained

Dealing with long lines, giant crowds, and lots of waiting can affect your long awaited theme park experience.

In this page, we'll go over the best time to go to visit Gatorland, and why it's the best time to go.

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Best Day to Visit

The best days to visit Gatorland are Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekdays in general are typically much less crowded and visitors from all over the world plan their trips around the weekend.


Out of state visitors usually arrive on Thursdays, stay for the weekend, and then leave on a Monday.

By going to the parks on Tuesday-Wednesday, you'll be able to avoid most of the crowds that can fill up the park quickly.

This means less waiting in lines, and more experiencing the actual park.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the day to visit Kings Island is hands down as soon as the park opens! Kings Island varies in their opening hours throughout the year.

Normally the park opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.  You'll want to double check their hours prior to visiting the park.

Most theme parks don't completely fill up until the afternoon rolls around. This gives you a window of opportunity to enjoy the park with less crowds for a few hours. 

Best Months to Visit

October-November are typically the best times to visit the Gatorland park. Not only are the temperatures lower (averaging in the 70's), but the chances of rain are a lot lower as well.

orlando october november temperatures

Since Gatorland is in a swamp itself, it can feel very hot very quickly. Visiting during these months can greatly enhance your experience.

Worst Month to Visit

July is normally the worst month to visit strictly due to the crowd size that you can encounter.

At any Florida theme park in general, summer is the time that vacationers plan their visits around.

Specifically a time to avoid is the 4th of July weekend, as holidays can bring an extraordinary amount of crowds.

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