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Is Albert's Restaurant at San Diego Zoo Worth It? | Guide & Review

Albert's Restaurant at San Diego Zoo is the only full-service table dining restaurant available at the zoo.

Zoos aren't really known for having the most gourmet food options, so wondering if Albert's is worth going to is commonplace.

This Albert's Restaurant Guide will breakdown what you need to know about Albert's and if it's worth eating at!

Questions We'll Answer About Albert's at San Diego Zoo:

  • Do You Need Reservations For Albert's Restaurant?
  • What Are The Best Menu Items At Albert's?
  • Do You Need A San Diego Zoo Ticket To Dine At Albert's?
  • Is Albert's Restaurant Worth It?


Couple Dining at Albert's Restaurant

Do You Need Reservations For Albert's Restaurant?

Reservations for Albert's Restaurant can be made on OpenTable and are highly recommended

While reservations are often available day-of for Albert's we suggest booking your reservation at least 2-3 days in advance to have a better chance at securing your ideal time to dine at Albert's. 

San Diego Zoo Logo

During the holidays and around peak travel times consider bumping this timeline by 1-2 weeks as Albert's does tend to become a more popular spot to dine during these times of the year. 

More often than not though you shouldn't have much trouble being about to dine at Albert's with 24 hours of notice.

What Are The Best Menu Items At Albert's?

Some of the most popular and well reviewed items at Albert's include the Fish Tacos and and Fish Sandwich options.

If you're feeling seafood than these are two great choices with other seafood menu items also available including a Salmon Salad and Seafood stew.

Chicken Sandwich and Fries

The chicken sandwiches at Albert's are also another pair of favorite meal choices which include a classic option as well as a spicy chicken sandwich.

Albert's Restaurant has quite a broad menu so outside of sandwiches and tacos you'll also find a variety of soups, salads and pastas. 

Do You Need A San Diego Zoo Ticket To Dine At Albert's?

Anyone can make a reservation to Albert's Restaurant regardless if they have purchased tickets to the San Diego Zoo or not.

However, an admission ticket into the San Diego Zoo is required to actually dine at Albert's. 

San Diego Zoo Entrance With Giant Lion Statue

Just having a reservation to Albert's will not allow you access into the zoo and because the restaurant is located inside the zoo, you'll need a valid admission ticket to pass through the gates. 

If you show your reservation for Albert's without a ticket to the employees at the front gate be prepared to be turned away!

Is Albert's Restaurant Worth It?

Albert's Restaurant is a really great experience for the ambience and setting amongst the San Diego Zoo. 

Set amongst a tropical forrest setting including intricate rock work and a waterfall, Albert's feels like you're dining in a hidden oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the San Diego Zoo. 

If you're looking for a dining experience in a unique environment while visiting the San Diego Zoo then we'd definitely recommend considering a stop at Albert's. 

Dining Table Setup Amongst Forrest and Waterfalls

The food at Albert's is also quite good, especially for being at a zoo, but it's probably not going to be the best food you've ever eaten. 

The menu overall is tasty with some options like burgers and sandwiches being stronger than others, but you can't go wrong with most of the food options. 

The big thing to keep in mind here is you're going to pay a premium for most menu items at Albert's when compared to similar choices at other restaurants because of its location inside the zoo.

Just like other tourist attractions including Disneyland and Universal Studios, food at the San Diego Zoo can get a little pricey for the quality you'll be getting. 

If you don't mind paying a premium for burgers, pastas, salads and sandwiches then Albert's is worth a stop for the relaxing ambiance and better quality food than you'll find elsewhere in the San Diego Zoo.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper (and quicker) then we recommend looking elsewhere... the San Diego Zoo has a ton of options!  



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