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The Alligator Capital of the World! 

The 110 acre park is one of the Florida classics, as you'll immerse yourself with the famous Florida everglades environment.

You'll have an up close look at colossal wildlife such as alligators & crocodiles, watch shows full of thrills, see exotic birds in the bird rookery and even visit the petting zoo!

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Breeding Marsh & Observation Tower

Breeding Marsh

The 10 acre breeding mash showcases 100 females and 30 male alligators that allow them to roam in a natural environment.

gatorland breeding marsh

A walkway was built through it which gives you the ability to safely explore and see the different gators from a few feet away.

Bird Rookery in the Breeding Marsh

One of the coolest features of this it is that it is so natural that birds routinely nest and raise their babies here (above the water).

Why do birds do that? Since gators afford them (and their babies) protection from raccoons, possums, otters, skunks, they naturally gravitate towards this area.

Today there are over 1,000 active bird nests in Gatorland.

Observation Tower

Conveniently located in the center of the walkway, the observation tower is also a big part of this experience as you'll be able to see gators from ground level, or climb your way up 3 stories to get a big picture view of the park and the marsh.

gatorland observation tower

White Gator Swamp

Have you ever seen an albino gator? Well, you'll be able to see a few of them here! 

gatorland white gator swamp

In this area, the gators are more laid back and there are different signs explaining how their discoloration occurs, how this affects them and many more interesting facts.

If you are an information seeker, make sure you stop by here.

Up Close Encounters

You'll be sitting down in a miniature stadium with your eyes hooked to what is happening on stage. 

gatorland up close encounters

Visitors from the audience are chosen at random to find out what is in the box! 

You'll be able to see animals from all over the world and if you're lucky, you'll even be able to touch them.

Make sure you come in early to ensure you are sitting in the shade!


Stompin' Gator Off Road Adventure

Hop in a 12 foot high, custom made off road monster vehicle for a 15 minute ride full of hilarious-ness and thrills.

stompin gator off road adventure

This ride will take you through 'Gator Gardens', a fictional park that takes over a swamp buggy business from a new Gatorland character named Swampy Sal.

The tour guides take guests off-road for an adventure full of twists and turns, as a comedic plot plays out between the vehicle drivers and on-board guides as they search for Swampy Sal.

stompin gator offroad adventure

There are 3 different off road monster vehicles that you can choose from, each with a distinct name as they are named from actual gators and crocs from Gatorland including Bonecrusher ℠, Cannibal Jake, and Swamp Ghost ℠.

Screamin' Gator Zip Line

This zipline ride navigates tower to tower to different checkpoints as you slowly are introduced to wildlife, longer distances, and higher altitudes.

gatorland screamin zipline

Remember the breeding marsh we talked about earlier? By the end of the ride you'll be ziplining over that same alligator breeding marsh, containing 100+ gators.

You can learn more about this zipline here.

Large Cats

Although the name of the park is Gatorland, they also contain several beautiful large cats.

Florida Panthers

Neiko and Lucy were both born in a rescue and rehabilitation facility in 2006 and were brought to the park 7 years later to help educate the public on the importance of protecting the species.

gatorland panthers

Bobcat Bayou

These Bobcats can jump to incredible heights, so make sure you don't blink or you may miss it!

gatorland bobcats

Osceola and Abiaka were rescued from captivity in 2014 and are an affectionate pair who love interacting with the animal care staff.

Jabari and Lomasi both have different backgrounds as Jabari was a 3 month old kitten in need of a home, while Lomasi was found as a wild abandoned kitten.

gatorland bob cats

They were socialized to one another 4 years ago and have been inseparable since.

Parrot Playground

Swing by the parrot playground to see exotic birds that love interacting with people.

These birds are used to human presence and will pose for you and at times, and even talk back to you!

gatorland bird rookery

Petting Zoo

Need to take a break from the colossal animals? Take a look at the petting zoo where you'll be able to have a nice change of pace by feeding animals such as goats and miniature indian cows.

gatorland petting zoo

Gatorland Express Train

The Gatorland Express Railroad ride takes passengers around the Breeding Marsh/Bird Rookery areas and the Jungle Crocs area. 

The train also makes a stop at the South end of the park near the Alligator Wrestling Stadium and Pearl's Smokehouse.

gatorland express train

Water Park

Also known as the Gator Gully Splash Pad, families will be able to cool off from the Florida sun and swampy environment while having the time of their lives.

gatorland water park

This water play area was designed for pure fun as you'll have water pouring out from the floor, above your head, and everywhere in between.


Gator Jumparoo Show

A rare sight that only seeing in person will do it justice.The colossal gators will jump out of the water to snatch some meals out of the air.

Despite being large and lethargic at times, when there's a meal nearby, these gators will use their massive tail to propel them at fast speeds to get to their desired destination.

Gator Wrestlin' Show

Visitors travel from all over the world to watch the gator wranglers pull off dangerous and exciting stunts.

During these stunts they also pause to educate the audience on survival techniques as well as gator behavior.

This is a very interactive event as the wranglers go out of their way to ask the audience questions and keep them engaged.

We've written a guide that covers all of the shows in depth.

Best Place to see Alligators in Orlando

The best place to see alligators in Orlando is hands down at Gatorland. They offer a walk through the breeding marsh, various shows, rides and up close encounters. The best time to spot them is anytime that you walk in the park! There will be hundreds of alligators roaming throughout the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Purchase Gatorland Tickets at the Gate?

Yes, but they are discounted when you buy online. You will save money and be able to skip the lines when you arrive at the park as well. This is extremely convenient for guests as they can walk straight in to the park and get their adventure-filled day started early.

How Much Time do I Need at Gatorland?

3 to 4 hours is a perfect amount of time to do all of the major attractions at the park. If you're planning on doing the zipline or the off-road adventure, you'll want to allocate an extra 1 hour. 

How far is Gatorland from Universal Studios?

9 miles.

Why Should I Buy Gatorland Tickets From Here?

We are an authorized ticket reseller. Due to this, our prices will always be cheaper than the gate. You can find more information in our Authorized Reseller page.

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