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Valleyfair is a 125 acre park that features over 75 rides and 8 roller coasters, live shows and special events.

The best part about this park is it doesn't matter whether you're traveling solo or with children, there is something that you can all enjoy.

Rides & Roller Coasters

Featuring over 75 rides along with 8 roller coasters, you'll definitely want to plan ahead to ensure that you maximize your time.valleyfair roller coaster

We've created the Best Valleyfair tips article to help you plan your day.

There are three different types of rides that you can choose from, depending on your preference.

Thrill Rides

If you're looking for thrill, then make sure that you get to the park early to ride the roller coasters.

Whether it's the Wild Thing taking you downhill at 70 miles per hour, or Renegade zig zagging through the wooden roller coaster, your adrenaline will be pumping.

valleyfair renegade

Valleyfair also features fan favorites like Delirious, which is the unique purple ride that you can spot from a mile away.

delirious valleyfair

This ride is will take you into a full circle where you will even be upside down for a few seconds at a time.

Other thrill rides include Northern Lights, North Star, Power Tower, Rip Cord and Xtreme Swing.

Family Rides

Monster is a must do family ride and is easily distinguished by its octopus-like look.

monster valleyfair

This ride will rotate you in the air while going up and down in a circular fashion. 

The speed of the ride is carefully crafted to be 'just tolerable enough' for all riders.

Other great family rides include Antique Autos, the Ferris Wheel, Flying Eagles and monster.

You can find a full list of rides here.

Water Rides

A common misconception is that the only water rides are those found in Soak City. There are actually several water rides in Valleyfair!

The Wave

This is another fan favorite ride that is known for causing the biggest splash in the park!

the wave valleyfair

Water lovers commonly stand on the bridge above the fall to absorb the biggest splash.

Thunder Canyon

A six person rafting ride where you'll be buckled in spinning through the water, and yes prepare to get wet!

thunder canyon valleyfair


There are six shows offered at Valleyfair including Charlie Brown's Hoedown, Funline Drumline, Minnie & The St. Pauls, Neon Lights, Peanuts Block Party, Sally & Schroeder's Sing-A-Long.

All of these shows offer live entertainment and run at set times throughout the day.

Planet Snoopy | Kids Area

Traveling with kids? Planet Snoopy will be your best friend. It is a themed area based off of the 'Peanuts' comic strip that offers 16 kid rides and play areas.

planet snoopy valleyfair

Soak City

Soak City is a waterpark that can be found inside of the park and features a lazy river, a wave pool, and several water slides!

It is only open at certain times of the year due to weather changes.

When you purchase with us, your Soak City admission is included with your ticket!

Grand Carnivale

Featuring giant floats, talented street performers, festive food options, this parade brings an energy into the air that you have to experience yourself!

grand carnivale valleyfair

Valley Scare

Valley Scare runs during the Halloween season and essentially the park transforms at night for maximum spookiness in an area called Halloween Haunt.


There are scare zones, mazes, rides, and even monsters roaming the park.

The Great Pumpkin Fest

For those who still want to enjoy Halloween but aren't old enough for the scare zones, or just want a 'lighter' Halloween experience, the Great Pumpkin Fest was made for you!

valleyfair great pumpkin fest

It takes place in Soak City and your kids can even come up dressed in their halloween costumes!

Fast Lane Pass

Hate waiting in line? Fast lane passes allow you to skip the line (on select rides) and head directly to the ride! 

valleyfair fast lane pass

If you've ever been to a theme park, you know how important this pass can be. 

Whether you're on a time crunch, or just want to maximize your time, this will help you avoid lines and have a better experience overall.

Cornfeast Valleyfair

The 44th Annual Corn Feast is coming back to Valleyfair in the fall of this year!

This longstanding Minnesota corn tradition is one that you certainly can't miss.

This is how it works. The park has 30,000 lbs of free corn for guests featuring corn competitions, or even if you're just in the mood for corn!

valleyfair cornfeast

Group Tickets

If you have a group of at least 15 people, you'll be able to save money by purchasing from the Valleyfair group discounts site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Valleyfair?

Valleyfair is owned by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

What is the Oldest Ride at Valleyfair?

High Roller was opened in 1976!

What are the Valleyfair Hours?

11 am - 7 pm