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California Theme Park Packages | [Save Up to 30% Off]

In this page, we will explain the Best California Theme Park Packages that are available, why they're so popular in the state of California, and how they work.

Benefit of Theme Park Packages

Packages allow you to bundle your theme park ticket(s) with a hotel in order to save money, at times up to 30% off!

Table of Contents

  1. Anaheim Packages
  2. San Diego Packages
  3. Los Angeles Packages
  4. San Francisco Packages
  5. Why Packages are so Popular
  6. How do Packages Work?
  7. Can I Choose Any Hotel?
  8. Can I Print my Tickets at the Hotel?

1. Anaheim Packages

anaheim packages

2. San Diego Packages

san diego packages

3. Los Angeles

los angeles packages

4. San Francisco Packages

san francisco packages

5. Why They Are So Popular in California

Whether you want to get away for a weekend, or you're from out of town visiting the parks, packages make everything easy.

Packages allow you to choose a hotel & theme park, bundle them together, and get massive savings off of both the hotel and theme park.

On top of that, you can book everything from one site quickly and all of your information for both, can be found in one location (whether on your phone, or if you'd like to print it).

Gone are the days of having to select dates to book a hotel, making sure you're near the right theme park, checking out, and then having to do it all over again but for theme park tickets.

6. How Does it Work?

A 3 Step Process

1. Select the dates that you are staying at the hotel.

2. Select your hotel along with room.

3. Choose your theme park ticket & how many tickets.

Simple User Experience

Throughout each step, on the screen you will be able to see what is currently included based off of your selections. 

california theme park package

As you can see above, the ticket and amount of tickets have been selected, however the hotel has not, which is why the package total isn't showing a dollar amount yet.


Below the 'Included' section, you will also be able to see how much money you are saving by purchasing packages vs not in order to make a well informed decision.

package savings

7. Can I Choose Any Hotel?

Not exactly any hotel, but the majority of the hotels that you will find online, you will also find here.

Choosing a Hotel

The booking engine also provides tripadvisor ratings to give you a better understanding of the hotel, along with what other customers think.

tripadvisor rating

You'll be able to make a well informed decision without needing to shuffle through different tabs.

8. Will the Hotel Transport Me to the Theme Park?

Most hotels will offer some type of shuttle/transit from the hotel to the theme park and back that run at certain times of the day.

Some hotels offer complimentary transportation, and others you can purchase a pass for it.

anaheim resort transportation

For example when you choose a hotel in Anaheim, you'll have the option to ride the Anaheim Resort Transit.

anaheim resort transit pass

When booking your tickets, you can choose which pass will be the best fit for you.

Service for the Anaheim Resort Transit typically begins one hour before the Disneyland Resort® opens and continues until 30 minutes after close.

Can I Print my Tickets at the Hotel?

If the hotel has a business center, you will be able to conveniently print out your tickets!

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