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The Six Flags Guy: Everything You Need to Know

The older Six Flags guy who leisurely walks off of the bus, before suddenly showing off his dance moves was a fan-favorite for a long time.

In this page, we will explain who the Six Flags guy who dances really is, how long he lasted at the park, and why his reign ultimately ended.

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Who is the Six Flags Guy That Dances?

Although in his costume he seemed to be an elderly man, the Six Flags guy was actually choreographer Danny Teeson, known as Mr. Six.

Teeson would actually be in his 30's while he played this role.


Teeson would also choreograph for multiple Grammy Award-winning artists such as:

  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Paula Abdul
  • Robbie Williams
  • Tom Jones

What is the Six Flags Guy Famous For?

Mr. Six is most famous for his "It's Playtime" Six Flags commercials.

These commercials would begin by Mr. Six pulling up in a Six Flags bus, to a neighborhood that was so busy, that they had no time for playing.

Mr. Six would show his age by slowly climbing off of the bus, while wearing his thick glasses, patented black tuxedo and red bowtie, only to readjust his glasses.

Suddenly siren speakers would emerge from the top of the bus, and blare out the We Like to Party (Vengabus) song.

Mr. Six's athleticism would then travel back in time, as he was able to show off all of his fantastic dance moves, to the point that he was able to get the entire neighborhood dancing as well.

How Long Did the Six Flags Guy Last?

Mr. Six's era would make his first appearance in 2004, and his last appearance in 2010.

When the Washington Commander's owner Daniel Snyder rose to the top of Six Flag leadership, he decided to end Mr. Six's appearances the very next day.

He would explain this decision by moving towards a new slogan/ad campaign, which was "Friendly, Clean, Fast, Safe, Service".

Will Mr. Six Ever Return?

This is an answer that only Six Flags knows.

However, Mr. Six has made his most recent appearance (sort of) in a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit.

In fact, as the sketch continues, the audience comes to find out that many Mr. Sixes began to make their appearance.

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