5 of the Best Things to do in Magic Kingdom | Explained

In this page we'll go over the best things to do in Magic Kingdom, what things you just can't miss, and what you can expect.

Table of Contents

  1. Grab a Delicious Dole Whip
  2. Know About the Can't Miss Rides
  3. Know About the No-Wait Lines
  4. Take a Stroll Around Big Top Souvenirs
  5. Stay for the Night Shows

1. Grab a Delicious Dole Whip

Start your day off with one of the most delicious treats at the park.

A Dole Whip is a popular frozen treat that is blended in pineapple, vanilla or even swirled flavors.

dole whip magic kingdom

The best place to find this is in Adventureland, specifically in the Aloha Isle (across from the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse).

Dole Whips at Resorts

If you're staying at a resort nearby, you can also purchase it at the Polynesian Village Resort. They’re sold just outside the main lobby by the lava pool.

2. Know About the Can't Miss Rides

The top rides at the park include Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. 

space mountain

If you're interested in riding these rides, you'll want to make sure that you arrive to the park as soon as it opens, and plan your day around these rides.

Why? Most of these rides happen to also have the longest lines, and the park tends to pick up in crowds as the afternoon comes around.

By knocking most of these rides out early in the day, you'll get the best of both worlds.

disney rides

You can deal with minimal rides for the most popular rides, and have more time the rest of your day to experience the rest of the park, rather than waiting.

3. Know About the No-Wait Rides

Although there are many rides with very long lines at the park, there are also a few gems that have minimal lines, if any.

Country Bears Jamboree

As one of the last attractions that Walt Disney personally helped oversee, this happy singing-bears show is a true classic.

country bear jamboree

It is essentially a walk-in laid back show that showcases jolly country-and-western show starring a hilarious bunch of singing bears.

To some guests it's a sentimental show, as it's one of the rides that their parents saw long ago that they can relate to, in the ever-changing park.

It's unlikely that it will be here forever, so you'll want to experience it while you can!

Tiki Room

An audio-animatronic performance by exotic birds, the Tiki room will provide guests a laid-back experience while relishing the beauty of the South Pacific cast.




You'll be able to sing along and witness the Audio-Animatronics technology that was introduced to the world when Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room debuted in 1963 at Disneyland Park. 

Hall of Presidents

If you're visiting internationally, this is a must-watch experience.

This show will trace the nation's history, including all of the presidents, the constitution and the several struggles the nation has endured.

Walt Disney actually asked to develop the first Audio-Animatronics figure in human form for this attraction (including President Lincoln), as wax figures didn't meet his approval.

hall of presidents disney world

4. Take a Stroll Around Big Top Souvenirs

As one of the largest shops in the Magic Kingdom, and they have everything from Disney Merchandise to delicious snack items.

If you're looking to take some gifts back for the family, grab a quick bite to hold you over, or just want to see what they offer, this is a great place to stroll around. 

big top souvenirs

One of the coolest parts of the store is the inside of the store makes it feel like you're inside of an actual circus.

5. Stay for the Night Shows

What a better way to finish your Disney experience than with the long-awaited fireworks?

magic kingdom fireworks

There are many beautiful firework night shows that occur at the Disney parks including Disney Enchantment & Harmonious.

However, our favorite is hands down Happily Ever After. This famous night show returned after a 471 day hiatus, and fans absolutely loved it.

It's not your normal firework show, as it includes narration, multiple songs, and appearance from several Disney characters.

It also noticeably features advanced projection mapping display, which is how they're able to change the 'look' of the castle throughout the entire show.

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