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Theme Park Ideas | 10 Best Unseen Concepts!

There are some ideas and concepts that seem so perfect to be transformed into theme parks, we're left scratching our heads why they haven't become a reality yet.

We're sharing our ten favorite theme park concepts that have yet to become a reality! We've included a range of ideas from popular movies and tv series, to concepts yet to be turned into a theme park or land.

Let's get started!


Unseen Theme Park Castle

Alternate Realities or Multiverse

An alternate reality or "multiverse" theme park can showcase the different worlds we could have potentially lived in if different historical events went a different direction. 

Each land would show the differences in our everyday lives had the course of history been different with different shows and rides to bring the lands to life.

Some potential lands in the multiverse theme park could be based on the following questions: 

  • What If Dinosaurs Still Roamed The Earth?
  • What If The Allies Lost World War 2?
  • What If Aliens Invaded Earth?
  • What If The Cold War Actually Started A Nuclear War?

Lord of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings is one of history's most popular film and literary franchises and it's quite surprising no Lord of The Rings theme park or themed land has been attempted yet. 

The stories and world of LOTR are complex, but also very beautiful and thrilling, so despite its complexity, we still think it's very possible to see a theme park land built around this beloved series. 

From reliving the battles for Middle Earth to visiting Rivendell and dining in Hobbiton, there's so much that could be done in a Lord of the Rings themed land. 

We're hoping to see The Lord of The Rings come to a theme park in the near future!

Gandalf approaching Minas Tirith

Apocalypse or Dystopian Future

A park set in a post-apocalyptic world, where visitors can experience different aspects of survival and rebuilding and the tragedies that occurred to create these disturbing features. 

The park would feature rides and attractions based on different dystopian themes and interactive exhibits on sociology and anthropology.

This dystopian theme park could have different lands and attractions based on the following apocalyptic events:

  • Nuclear War
  • Zombie Outbreak
  • Robot Takeover
  • Meteor Strike
  • Mass Anarchism
  • Worldwide Dictatorship

Two people walking through dystopian wreckage


For decades theme park fans have been clamoring for a villain theme park or land, especially one based on iconic Disney villains. 

Ideas for this theme park can include stories of what would have happened if a certain villain took over the world or following the classic stories we all know, but from the villain's point of view.

A villains theme park can be the classic theme park we're all familiar just with a darker twist!

Imagine what Magic Kingdom would be like, but instead of Cinderella's Castle we had Maleficent's Castle and lands themed to Disney villains of all types throughout her Nightmare Kingdom. 

Cheranbog on Bald Mountain


Music is a little thought of concept great for a theme park! 

Attractions can range from rollercoasters set to the music of various bands and musicians (similar to Rock 'n' Roller Coaster), virtual reality experiences of epic concerts throughout history and even rides themed to some of the most popular songs (think Ride of the Valkyries or Around The World).

No music theme park would be complete without plenty of opportunities to meet impersonators of your favorite musicians and lots of live shows!

We'd love to see a music theme park with firework shows set to all types of music... heavy metal fire work show, anyone?!

Game of Thrones 

Like The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones is another extremely popular fantasy series that seems perfect for a theme park!

Exploring King's Landing, Oldtown and White Harbor among other lands in Westeros make possibilities endless

We'd expect to see dragon-themed rollercoasters, dark rides and simulators recreating some of the most epic battles and even a suspenseful journey through the tunnels beyond the Wall.

Game of Thrones


A supernatural theme park could be home to all of the mysteries and wonders of the supernatural world. 

The entire park can be themed to ghosts and other haunts in a thrilling way which always leaves you on your toes. 

We love the idea of this supernatural theme park being entirely indoors creating an environment in constant darkness, truly allowing the area to be spooky around the clock and bring to life effects you couldn't achieve in the daylight!


While it may not seem like it at first, the possibilities are endless with a military theme park!

Attractions can be as ambitious as entire recreations of military battles, to simulators of jets, tanks, and even the future of the military with space exploration. 

The theme park can of course be a learning experience and tribute to militaries from across the world with exhibits and shows diving into military life and history. 

Other attractions can include walkthroughs of battleships, military barracks and experiences that show the world just how difficult life in the military can be in certain tough environments soldiers face on an everyday basis. 

Military boat speeding through the ocean

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is yet another popular series we dream of becoming a theme park one day! 

The layout of the theme park would be quite simple, with different areas representing the four nations of the Air Nomads, Fire Nation, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom

We'd love to see showcasing stunts and "magic" shoes from the four nations as well as a variety of restaurants featuring unique foods from each!

Bonus points if the only way to access the theme park was riding on the back of a giant robotic Appa! 

Avatar the Last Airbender


Last, but certainly, not least is a sports theme park!

Attractions could be a variety of coasters and experiences themed to various sports, but also virtual reality simulations of many of the most iconic games in history. This would give people an amazing opportunity to be placed right in the middle of the action during some of sports greatest games.

While there is a ton of fun to be had with this concept, we're hoping for more creative food than the usual hot dogs and stadium nachos!



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