How Do Seaforth Boat Rentals in San Diego Work? | Explained

Seaforth Boat Rentals offer some of the most popular experiences that visitors from all over the world travel for every year.

In this page, we will explain what these rentals offer, what makes them unique and what you can expect during your visit.

seaforth boat rentals

What Rentals Does Seaforth Offer?

Seaforth Boat Rentals offer a variety of tours including:

  • Stand Up Paddleboards
  • Jet Ski
  • Kayak Tours
  • Powerboats
  • Sailboats
  • Yacht Charters
  • Fishing Boats
  • Large Group Activities

Why Choose Seaforth Rentals?

For starters, Seaforth Boat Rentals has been serving happy customers for 40+ years (established in 1976), which provides customers with a lengthy history of the type of service that they can expect.

They also feature 200 boats, at 4 separate full time locations that cover both bays.

Additionally, they're known for having the largest and most modern boat rental in Southern California.

So if you are looking to Jet Ski, Wakeboard, Paddle board, go fishing or sailing in style, this is the best place to do it.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals (SUP)

With an option of 1 hour or 2 hour rentals, SUP provides a fantastic experience on the water with the skyline in the background.

stand up paddle boarding

What is Paddle Boarding?

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the best overall workouts that you can do.

Due to its mixture of core balance, strength, and endurance, it provides a full body workout.

It is an extremely popular water sport that is typically done on the ocean in open water.

It's not just the workout portion of it that makes it so popular though.

This is something you can do individually, or even with a group of people.

You can easily get out into the water, soak in the sun, and enjoy the freedom that you have as you navigate through the ocean and watch your worries float away.

You must be 18 years of age to rent.

WaveRunner Tour

The Yamaha WaveRunner is the actual Jet Ski which visitors will be riding in, and the Jet skis will be in the water ready to ride when you arrive.

One of the downsides of most tours on the water, is that towing is typically needed, which can take up costly minutes of your tours.

Luckily, this doesn't happen in this tour, as you simply arrive and get ready for your ride.

If you haven't driven a WaveRunner before, their friendly staff will ensure that you receive all of the appropriate information and guidance that you need to drive safely and to have a fun ride. 

waverunner tour

What is a Jet Ski Tour anyways?

A jet ski is a personal water aircraft that can typically have 2 riders.

It is the easiest and smoothest way to ride on water with a smaller amount of people. 

This is an extremely popular hobby that allows riders to speed through the ocean or leisurely drive while enjoying the amazing San Diego views.

In this tour you will be able to navigate the La Jolla coastline and admire the cover, the sea-life and the atmosphere.

You must be 21 years of age to rent.

Kayak Tours

Visitors will be able to rent a Kayak for a single rider or for 2 riders, and enjoy the beautiful soothing water through San Diego from a unique point of view.

kayak tour

What is a Kayak?

A kayak is a narrow and small water aircraft that is usually 'driven' by a rider using a double bladed paddle.

The unique aspect of a kayak is that you are sitting down with your legs completely stretched forward, while strictly using your upper body to paddle. Kayaking can be done individually or with a group.

Kayaks like paddle boards, allow you to get closer to nature. 

It is also a great outdoor low impact exercise that promotes upper body conditioning.

You must be 18 years of age to rent.

Lifejackets are included with this tour.

Powerboat Tour

Sea-forth offers a range of different sized power boats ranging from 16 feet to 50+ feet.

No boating license required for this tour.

What is a Powerboat?

A powerboat commonly known as a speedboat, which is simply a boat that is powered by an engine.

Powerboats can contain an engine on the inside of the boat or the outside and the size of these boats can vary dramatically (as shown below).

The rental options range from 4 passengers to 30 passengers.

You must be 18 years of age to drive the powerboat.

    Sailboat Rental Tour

    What is a Sailboat Tour?

    seaforth sail boat

    Back in the day these boats were used for developing international trade routes, but now they are used almost exclusively for recreational purposes.

    A sailboat is exactly what it sounds like, a boat propelled by sails.

    A relatively small boat uses the winds to navigate directions. 

    There are also sailing competitions held around the world.

    You also must be 18 years of age to rent and you must have prior sailing experience to be able to rent.

    The sailboat rental options can vary from 6 passengers to 10 passengers.

      Yacht Charter Tour

      What is Yacht Chartering?

      A vacation or business activity where you can travel luxuriously to island or coastal destinations.

      Whether you are looking to navigate through the coast, enjoy the bay, or use the yacht to complement water sports or relax on the beach... The amazing luxurious yachts have something that everyone can enjoy.

      yacht charter


      More detailed information on Yacht Charters can be found here.

      Fishing Boat Tour

      What Exactly is a Fishing Boat Anyways?

      A boat specifically designed to be able to catch fish efficiently.

      They are stable and easy to operate.

      Seaforth provides boats of different sizes to accommodate the different amount of passengers, as well as if you just prefer a boat with more room. 
      seaforth fishing boat

      More detailed information on Fishing Boats be found here.

      Large Group Activities

      What Does Large Group Entail?

      Traveling in groups of over 15 people? This may be a great fit for you.

      Seaforth offers a Party Cat Charter and a Limo boat that can fit 18-20 passengers.

      large group activities


      More detailed information on Large Group Activities can be found here. 

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