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What is Schlitterbahn's Dress Code? | Easily Explained

Knowing what you can and can't wear to a Schlitterbahn water park before visiting is extremely important.

In this page, we will explain what the Schlitterbahn dress code is, what is allowed, and what isn't allowed.

What is Schlitterbahn's Dress Code?

Schlitterbahn's dress code states that all guests are required to wear clothing that is designed for swimming and water activities, such as swimwear.

schlitterbahn dress code

Swimsuits are required for all water rides, and the swimwear must be family friendly.

Attire Not Allowed

Visitors are not allowed to wear:

  • Street clothes
  • Cut-off shorts or denim
  • Thongs and transparent clothing
  • Diaper not designed for aquatic use

Water Shoes at the Water Park

Although many visitors worry on wearing the right swimsuit, they often neglect what they'll wear on their feet for the hot surface.

Water shoes are extremely useful in dealing with the hot floor on a sunny day, as well as protecting your feet.

For women, we recommend the Zhuanglin water shoes.


zhuangling water shoes


Many water shoes are ugly and don't last very long. These water shoes look like regular sneakers, are lightweight, have great grip, and dry quickly after leaving the water. 

For men, we recommend the DOUSSPRT water shoes.


doussprt water shoes


These water shoes are comfortable, has great traction, are high quality, and dry quickly avoiding pruny feet.

Remove Water Shoes For Certain Rides

Although visitors are encouraged to wear water shoes, they may need to remove them for certain water rides such as:

  • Soda Straws
  • Double Loop
  • Der Bahn
  • Bahnzai Pipeline
  • Backsplash
  • Black Knight
  • Han’s Hideout slides. 

Zero Tolerance For Offensive Clothing

Schlitterbahn also has a zero-tolerance policy for offensive language or images on clothing.

This policy is in place to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe while they're at the park.

If a visitor is found to be wearing clothing with offensive language or images, they may be asked to change attire and/or exit the park.

The dress code at Schlitterbahn Galveston is in place to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

By following these rules, you can have a great time at the park without any issues.

Remember that the park staff reserves the right to ask visitors to change or leave if they're not following the dress code policy.

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