Top Ways to Save Money on Disney Merchandise



Disney theme parks offer plenty of fun and entertainment for the family. Whether you are a first time park patron or a frequent Mouseketeer, it is always fun to wear Disney themed merchandise while visiting the parks! As we all know, some merchandise may be pricier if purchased in the park. Here are some tips and tricks if you are acquiring Disney merchandise on a budget:

  • AP Holder discount
  • Disney Store (outside of parks)
  • Purchase Online
  • Other Retailers
  • Instagram Stores

Annual Pass Holder Discount:

If a park attendee has an annual pass, he/she is able to obtain discounts on almost everything in Disney theme parks. It depends which pass the attendee has, Signature Plus has highest percentage discount, Signature after that and so on and so forth. All merchandise: clothing, backpacks, keychains, etc. apply to the annual pass holder discounts.

Disney Store:

There are numerous Disney stores, outside of the Disney theme parks, that have plenty of Disney merchandise. There are numerous clothing items, toys, etc. that match what Disney theme parks may be selling as well. By going to a Disney store outside of the parks, prices may vary and items may be a little less than if it were purchased at Disney theme parks.

Purchase Online:

Amazon and EBay have a variety of Disney merchandise online. There may be current Disney merchandise on these sites that can be found at a reasonably lower price. Purchasing online can be convenient and save a trip to a store or the Disney parks. Make sure that you read reviews to ensure clothing sizes and overall review of product. An exciting element about purchasing Disney merchandise online is you may be able to find retro Disney merchandise that can no longer be purchased in a store at the Disney theme parks.

Other Retailers:

Other retail stores, that aren’t affiliated with Disney, have been producing numerous Disney items such as, clothing, accessories, home items, etc. If you are looking for Disney clothing items at a cheaper affordable price, stores like Forever 21, Pacsun, H&M, Kohl’s, etc. may be pleasantly surprising with the Disney themed merchandise they have. Items may also be cheaper than purchasing at Disney theme parks.

Instagram Stores:

Various social media sites, such as, Instagram, offer platforms where people can network and communicate with one another. It is also a great place for people to connect and sell custom made merchandise and products. There are several people on Instagram that make custom shirts, pins and ears.

If interested in buying and wearing Disney themed merchandise and products to the Disney theme parks, but you are unsure how to save money. Follow these tips and tricks to make your Disney experience magical and affordable.