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RV Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood | Helpful Guide & Tips

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood while on your way to a nearby RV park or just stopping by as you traverse the country?

Well, we've got you covered on all you need to know about RV parking at Universal Studios Hollywood! 

Questions we'll answer about RV parking at Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • Is RV parking available?
  • Where is RV parking?
  • How much does RV parking cost?
  • Can I park or stay in my RV overnight? 
  • Are hookups or dump stations available?
  • Where are the nearest RV parks?
Universal Studios Hollywood entrance

Is RV Parking Available?

Yes! RV parking is certainly available at Universal Studios Hollywood and can accommodate all sizes and classes of RVs.

Where Is RV Parking?

RV parking is available onsite at Universal Studios Hollywood just a short walk to the entrance of the park.

After paying for parking you will be guided by Universal employees to spaces that are suitable for RV's.

Most of these spaces are in an outdoor lot, but depending on the size of your RV, you may be able to park inside one of the four garages, though we've never personally seen this happen!

Universal CityWalk Sign

How Much Does RV Parking Cost?

Universal Studios Hollywood has a variety of parking costs and options. We've listed your options below as of January 2024:

  • General Parking Before 5 pm: $32
  • General Parking After 5 pm: $10
  • Preferred Parking Before 5 pm: $50
  • Preferred Parking After 5 pm: $20
  • Front Gate Parking: $70


Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance Sign

Can I Park or Stay in my RV Overnight?

Unfortunately, you can't park or stay in your RV overnight at Universal Studios Hollywood.

While it might sound like a fun idea, definitely park your RV elsewhere overnight to avoid quickly being towed. 

Are Hookups or Dump Stations Available?

No water or electrical RV hookup stations are available.

There are no dump stations on the property either. 

Where Are The Nearest RV Parks?

The nearest RV parks range from 13 miles to 30+ miles from Universal Studios Hollywood.