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Does Nissan Stadium Use Grass or Turf? | Easily Explained

Nissan Stadium is one of the newest and most popular stadiums in the world.

In this page, we will explain whether Nissan Stadium uses grass or turf on their field.

nissan stadium entrance

Does Nissan Stadium Use Grass or Turf?

Nissan Stadium uses real grass, specifically Tifsport Bermuda sod for their field.

Due to Nashville being prone to colder temperatures, along with the wear and tear (after games) of their natural field, it's not a surprise to see the field re-sodded throughout the year.

Why Do They Use a Grass Field?

Over the last few years, there have been many players who have voiced their support for grass fields over turf fields.

The reason for this mainly comes down to injuries, as many professional players have been injured on turf fields.

Turf fields are generally much harder on the body to land on, and also very easy to get turf burn from.

Although grass fields are more favored by players, they're also more difficult to maintain throughout an entire season of use along with the different changes in weather.

Future Titans Stadium

Although the current stadium fields grass as the playing surface, this may not always be the case.

According to the Titans official site, they plan to create a new stadium in the near future.

This new stadium is expected to be significantly different than the current stadium.

Some of the expected changes for the new Titans stadium include:

  • Artificial turf
  • Enclosed stadium

The main reason for proposing artificial turf and an enclosed stadium is for maximum profitability.

The enclosed stadium will allow for events to be held inside, without being affected by any weather conditions.

The artificial turf is a lot easier to maintain, and doesn't need the normal downtime that grass would require after use.

This means that if the stadium had turf, the field itself will be much less impacted by the events that are held on the field.

WWE Comes to Nashville

In 2022, WWE held their first ever event in Nashville, SummerSlam.

summerslam in nissan stadium

By all accounts the event was a huge success, so much so that WWE committed to holding a WrestleMania event in 2027, as long as the new stadium is enclosed.

As you can see in the above picture, although the grass is covered for this event, it's still underneath receiving wear and tear.

Additionally, WWE prefers an enclosed stadium as that essentially guarantees them that the event will be held, as weather conditions are eliminated from the risk factor.

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