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Is a Knott's Fast Lane Pass For One Person? | Easily Explained

A Knott's Berry Farm Fast Lane pass is one of the most popular add-ons at the park for good reason.

But is it only for one person?

In this page, we will explain the rules around the pass, how it works, and if you can reuse it.

Is Knott's Fast Pass For One Person?

A Knott's Berry Farm Fast Lane Pass allows one rider to receive access to a separate, and faster line. It is only intended for one person, so each rider must purchase their own Fast Lane pass.

knotts fast lane sign

This means that if you and another person are at the park, and you both want to use the Fast Lane pass, you'll each need to purchase your pass.

Can You Let Someone Borrow Your Wristband?

Riders are not able to let another rider use their wristbands, as their wristband is strictly assigned to the person who purchased it.

Can You Re-Use a Fast Lane Pass?

Unless you're purchasing a Season Pass Fast Lane Pass, you can only use your Knott's Fast Lane pass for the day that you are visiting the park, and the day that you purchased your pass.

If you're considering purchasing a season-long fast lane pass, you'll want to purchase them ASAP, as these tend to sell out quickly.

knotts season long fast lane pass

What is a Fast Lane Pass?

A Fast Lane Pass gives riders access to a separate line, where riders can get to the front of the line much quicker than regular lines (for select rides).

Once a Fast Lane pass has been purchased, riders will be given a wristband that will signify to park staff, that they have access to the Fast Lane line.

knotts berry farm fast lane pass

Throughout the line, there will be various checkpoints where you will need to show your wristband to park staff, and ride operators.

These checkpoints are normally at the beginning of the line and ride before boarding the ride.

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