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Is GetYourGuide Legit? | Tips & FAQ

If you're looking to buy theme park tickets, a guided tour, or entry into some of the most popular museums in the world then you've probably stumbled across Get Your Guide. 

Get Your Guide is an unfamiliar name to many, but we're here to answer some frequently asked questions about them as well as if you can trust purchasing their platform!

Questions We'll Answer About GetYourGuide:

  • Is GetYourGuide Legit?
  • How Does GetYourGuide Offer Discounts On Attractions & Theme Parks?
  • Is Buying Tickets From GetYourGuide A Good Deal?
  • GetYourGuide Coupons & Deals

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Is GetYourGuide Legit?

GetYourGuide was founded over a decade ago and has grown into one of the most trusted platforms to purchase theme park and attraction tickets as well as book tours!

With over 50,000 different products available to book on their website, GetYourGuide is not only legitimate but also one of the largest attraction ticket sellers in the world! 

GetYourGuide sells tickets to everything from Tokyo Disneyland to Universal Studios the San Diego Zoo and more!

With a long history and worldwide presence, GetYourGuide can certainly be trusted, and more often than not you'll have a seamless experience purchasing tickets for any destination from them. 

Universal Orlando Resort Ticket

How Does GetYourGuide Offer Discounts On Attractions & Theme Parks?

GetYourGuide works directly with different theme parks and attractions directly to get discounted rates you sometimes won't see anywhere else.

Through these partnerships, GetYourGuide can offer markdowns on tickets that a theme park like Universal Studios might not want to offer directly to make it look like they're running a sale.

This is typically to keep a prestigious brand image where their theme parks (or other attractions) don't need sales, coupons, or discounts to keep people coming!

GetYourGuide acts as an outlet to provide these sales, without them appearing directly on a destination's website. 

While there are countless other reasons why certain attractions and destinations might offer discounted entry tickets through GetYourGuide, this is likely one of the most common reasons.

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Is Buying Tickets From GetYourGuide A Good Deal?

Ticket prices on GetYourGuide are variable, so sometimes you may get a great deal, while other times you may be getting a not-so-great deal.

Typically, GetYourGuide sells tickets for a discount compared to what you would pay by buying your tickets directly from the attraction. Usually, you'll be getting a good deal purchasing from GetYourGuide.

However we have seen prices on GetYourGuide just the same as you would be paying directly from the attraction, so we always recommend doing a bit of comparing and due diligence yourself before making the purchase!

More often than not you'll see a bit of a discount purchasing tickets or tours from GetYourGuide instead of directly from the attraction!

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GetYourGuide Coupons & Deals

The best prices you'll see on GetYourGuide are typically right on the attraction or tour's main page. 

As of the time of this writing, we aren't aware of any coupons being offered for GetYourGuide products, but if something comes available we'll be sure to update this section!



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