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Is Ford Field Grass or Turf? | Easily Explained

In this page, we will explain whether or not Ford Field has real grass, and if so, why they do, and how they do it.

Is Ford Field Grass or Turf?

Ford Field does not use real grass on their field, but artificial turf. They've recently transitioned from a slit-film turf to a monofilament field turf.

ford field turf

The monofilament field turf is a type of turf that is considered the most identical to grass.

The installation of this new turf was originally scheduled for 2024, but it was moved up a year when the Lions were sure that they would not host a playoff game in 2023.

Slit Film Turf Controversy in the NFL

The slit film turf is not popular with NFL players, as many non-contact injuries have occurred on this type of turf.

There have been many players who have voiced their support for grass fields over turf fields.

ford field full stadium view

In 2023, the President of the NFL Player's Association would even call for the immediate ban of all slit film turf surfaces in the NFL.

There are 6 NFL teams (out of 32) that still use the slit film turf including:

  1. Indianapolis Colts (Lucas Oil Stadium)
  2. New York Giants (Metlife Stadium)
  3. New York Jets (Metlife Stadium)
  4. Cincinnati Bengals (Paycor Stadium)
  5. Minnesota Vikings (U.S Bank Stadium)
  6. New Orlean Saints (Caesar Superdome)

Although grass fields are more favored by players, they're also more difficult to maintain throughout an entire season of use along with the different changes in weather. 

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